Tone, Trash Talk, and Thanksgiving Turkey: Part V

T minus 16 days until the “big race”.

On Sunday, November 23rd, ready or not, we will come.
My knees have been trying to convince me otherwise.  
My physical therapist sister tells me I’m getting older and weaker.  Ugh.
Has my youth already escaped me?  
Have my muscles begun to defy my almost-30-year-old body?
I pray, NO!!
I guess I’ll just have to work harder and actually strength train to get my body back in working running shape.   I guess things won’t come as easily as they have over the last three decades.  In the past, I could pretty much pick up and run whenever and for whatever distance.  The old muscle memory and strength kept me in line.
Not so much anymore.   
So this is what aging feels like, huh?!  
I never thought it’d come, but it has.  
No trash talk this week, just hope and prayers.  Hope that I’ll be out there on the 23rd.  Prayers that I’ll finish.