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Wow, I just came across this, so for all of you Starfall lovers, here are some new friends. We have given up TV for Lent, and this just might make it do-able, plus, as a long time “Math Shop” lover, I know that computer games really can help with math facts.

Because I am about the oldest one here, I can also laugh at the fact that the programming game on Math playground uses a little turtle for the cursor, a 3D 21st century turtle, but still a nice homage to the old days of learning lotus programming in kindergarten, funny they thought back then that we would all need to know how to program computers some day, that knowledge is stored away with all the wordperfect keystrokes my dad made me memorize in my pre-mouse middle school days.

Okay, I have officially revealed way to much about how much of a geek I am.

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