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He works hard for the money…

Every morning my husband showers and shaves, puts on a good looking suit, has a bowl of granola and takes the train into the city. Twelve hours later, he walks back in the door. His collar is open, his tie is loose, but his pomaded hair has not moved a bit.Until this weekend, that was about all I knew about what my husband did all day.Just like I can work 12 hour "mom" days without complaining, I can do it 5 days a week on my own -- no help with bedtime routine, laundry, nightmares. When my … [Read more...]

Just to Clarify…

Hi ladies ~After some of the comments from yesterday's post, I felt the need to clarify a couple of things that I wasn't very specific on.First, Christopher likes school (and I daresay he is even excited about school sometimes!!), he just doesn't like the process of going to school. This holds true for many other activities: he likes the playground, but doesn't like going to the playground; he likes the swimming pool, but getting him out the door to get to the swimming pool can be like pulling … [Read more...]

Random musings of a very pregnant builder

So I'm wondering why so many friends and family have forwarded me the link to this story? Is a 19.2 pound baby going to make me somehow feel better about my tendency to have very large babies? Or maybe this is just funny and I fail to see the humor because my due date is 11 days away and I'm rather anxious about my baby's size. I have a hope that she will be smaller than my last (10 pounds 13 ounces), I'm praying she won't top 11 pounds, and I'm really praying for a healthy delivery free of … [Read more...]

Sending Him Off with Love

My little boy is a homebody through and through. Yes, he loves to play with the boys in our neighborhood and is always asking for play-dates, and yes, once we arrive somewhere he usually has a pretty great time. But his tendency is, and has been for the 5 1/2 years of his life, to stay home and play, create, read, and generally just BE at home. I've grown to appreciate this part of Christopher's personality: he can occupy himself and become absorbed in creative play, he is happy to sit on the … [Read more...]


Great post on burnout at Conversion Diary.Read it, then go get some sleep. … [Read more...]

The Simplicity of Early Childhood Education

The most wonderful and most fearful fact of early childhood development is one we’re all familiar with: the fastest brain growth occurs between birth and age three, and children are capable of learning the most and the most capable of learning between birth and age five. Something like that, right?Every pop early childhood education book I've read has exploited that fact as its selling point and cornerstone. Do our “x, y and z” plan (and buy our CDs, DVDs, flashcards, workbooks, and equipment) to … [Read more...]

To Sigg Fans…

We have been Sigg fans for awhile. My kids carry around their bottles like security blankets and we don't leave home without them (see wagon cupholders). If they are hurt or sad they sob, "I want my water bottle." When Jack-Jack left his when out with his Grandma, we paid to have another yellow one shipped from Canada, the only one left in North America. Which is why I was so sad to see that the liners contain BPA, precisely what we were aiming to avoid. There is a voluntary exchange program … [Read more...]

teachable moment

I used to tell people that I am a great mom for 12 hours a day -- I can work non stop from 7 am to 7 pm. If my day with the kids starts before that or ends after, however, it gets dicey. Well, bedtime has floated to 8 o'clock or later over the summer, and I find that I am at my worst just when, in some ways, my kids need me most. Today was a particularly rough day for me, short on sleep and long on sugar, an entire plate of food and glass of milk were dropped on the floor during dinner, but … [Read more...]

We’ve come a long way, babies…

Five years old today! … [Read more...]

When this is happening… your backyard, and in full view of your school room, school for the day is canceled. It is completely IMPOSSIBLE to get any formal schooling accomplished under these conditions.Instead, we are talking about trees, ropes, climbing, chainsaws, and physics--and I will say, even as an adult, I am amazed at what these tree guys are able to accomplish with a few ropes and a chainsaw.The excitement from last months lightning strike on our 150 year old tree seems to never end. I just wish the … [Read more...]