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Happy Halloween!

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Like a Snow Day with No Snow

Today - at two days beyond my due date with my third child - I have reached a peak in the emotional ups and downs which characterize the feelings of awaiting a childbirth. I mean, really, these days are total freebies. It is like a snow day - you thought you had assignments due and meetings to attend, but then everything got canceled and you are home with 24 free hours. That is kind of how it is around here. This was "supposed" to be the early days of sleeping and nursing and getting to smell … [Read more...]

Lowering The Bar

When the kids are sick and mom doesn't feel so hot either...The laundry can wait.Clean floors will happen another day.Frozen pizza will do for dinner.Martha Stewart will be a continual dream.The TV will be our friend.Every tear will be accounted for.Every request will be nurtured.Every hot cheek will be soothed.I will nap with my little one because he needs me.The computer will rest.And we will all, eventually, be well...and probably better off than before. … [Read more...]

Candy Math — A Halloween Tradition

If you are going to be trick or treating this year, I wanted to post this now so that you can gather some supplies if you like.I make myself feel better about all that candy consumption by turning Halloween into an extended, hands on, math lesson for my children. This can take on a number of forms. In the past, we have counted, sorted and graphed our candy. We have used bar graphs and line graphs and venn diagrams. You can do addition and subtraction, and even division as the candy is … [Read more...]

Must Read!

We are all so busy trying to figure out how to fit it all in, but maybe if we put first things first...two recent blog posts to consider, first, simple but deep time management advice at Fallible Blogmaand, in order to follow that advice, we may have to let go of some things...or everything? Ponder what Laura has to say about being a quitter. … [Read more...]

One more Phanatic!

While I am from New York City (and don't you forget it!), this is one area where I have allowed, over time, my husband's loyalties to win out. Up until now, this has been friendly, as we graciously congratulated the Giants on the Super Bowl will and my family expressed joy that PT got to be a little boy watching his team win the World Series. This year, though, I don't quite know how to feel. I have never had to root against the Yankees to support the Phillies, but I don't like the idea of a … [Read more...]

Go Phils!

World Series Game 1 begins tonight. Even baby Claire is ready with her first Phillies tee.Go Phils ! … [Read more...]

When Disaster Strikes…

...Sometimes the kids step up to the plate and help mom out! Last week was just one of those weeks that I'm glad is behind us. We didn't have the flu but we did have a nasty case of the stomach bug, and combined with Dad being out of town and Mom having too many outside commitments (that were eventually canceled), we were a bit overwhelmed!Since the reason of this post is to share one of the lessons learned from last week's debacle, I will spare you the gory details of our situation. Let's just … [Read more...]

Second Annual Tone, Trash Talk, and Thanksgiving Turkey

Since everyone from my son's neuropsychologist to my spiritual director has encouraged me to exercise recently given the stress of taking care of our son, I took it as a sign that I needed to get back in the saddle.Last year at this time there was a builders race in the works. I was given a bye since I lived several thousand miles away and had just had an emergency appendectomy and a baby. Well, this year Red has a newborn, AWOL is getting into the zone for a foreign natural birth and we are … [Read more...]

Thwarting H1N1

If your community is anything like ours, there is mass chaos ensuing over the microscopic H1N1 tyrant. Schools are on alert, parents are abuzz with talk, and the pediatricians are working plenty of overtime. As of Wednesday, our ped had 15 new cases in her small town practice! I just received an email with the following info from a Dr. Vinay Goyal, an MBBS,DRM,DNB (Intensivist and Thyroid specialist). While I can't validate the source (Snopes had no info on him), the information transmitted … [Read more...]