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For This Momentary Light Affliction…

“For this momentary light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison…” 2 Corinthians 4: 17 Anyone who has been to our house over the past couple of months can attest to the fact that life is a little bit nutty around here right now J We love life with three kids at home, and the big kids have been very sweet with their new baby sister, but we are definitely still working out the logistical details of our days! Mealtimes, bedtimes, and out-the-door times seem … [Read more...]


A recent dinner-time conversation: Christopher: Mommy, what age do you have to be when you can have a girlfriend?Me: Well, C, every family has different rules. Mommy had to be 16 years old before she could have a boyfriend, but...Christopher: Well, Mommy, I think that you should be 21.Me: How come, C?Christopher: Because then you're closer to the age when you can get married! Wow, this little guy has been listening closely to what his daddy says! Good thinking, C :) … [Read more...]

Boy Phenomenon

We've gotten one through preschool... :)Why is it that every time I sit down to write my post today, I'm smothered by the world's greatest hugs and kisses and little boy sentiments to send a mama to the moon and back with love?"Mommy, do you know I love you so much?!" is echoing in my ears.I'm sorry, but this is just too good to ignore. Coherent thoughts will have to be put on hold for another day. Have a wonderful holiday weekend everybody! … [Read more...]

Spoken like a True Sanguine

Any of you who share my fascination with the four temperaments will appreciate this.Me (hyperventilating at the sight of the pieces of five 60 piece jigsaw puzzles mixed up and strewn about the floor of our tiny living room): "I'm not interested in who did this, but I need everyone get to work cleaning it up immediately."Bella (age 5, whose blood runs sanguine): "OK Mom, of course, but I prefer when the room is messed exactly like this because all the colors on the floor make me cheerful."Lord … [Read more...]

Overheard in the Car

Boy 1: "I'm thinking of a number between ten thousand and 6 million." Mom thinks, "Wow, this is going to take awhile." Boy 2: "One hundred!" Boy 1: "You're right!"Boy 2: "I'm thinking of a letter between A and B." Boy 1 (slightly puzzled): "A and a half?" … [Read more...]

Emily Dickinson Tuesday

A Man may make a Remark (952) A Man may make a Remark—In itself—a quiet thingThat may furnish the Fuse unto a SparkIn dormant nature—lain—Let us deport—with skill—Let us discourse—with care—Powder exists in Charcoal—Before it exists in Fire. … [Read more...]

Milk Allergy Update: It’s Yellow, Folks!

Ladies, I want to thank all of you for your words of advice regarding a possible milk allergy/sensitivity in my 3 month-old daughter, Caroline. After reading your experiences and doing some research of my own, I decided to go dairy-free about 10 days ago. I'm happy to report that Caroline's diapers have gone from being green poop at every changing, to now being mostly wet, and sometimes yellow poop - no more green diapers! It took about 5 days for this to happen, but to me it is incredible that … [Read more...]

Celiac Disease

Just over two weeks ago I started having some terrible stomach pains. Since my life on this blog is a bit of an open book, I will confess that I have had mild digestive problems for the past 10 years of my life. These issues escalated over Mother's Day weekend, and I found myself spending my Mother's Day and most of that following week in the hospital. I was discharged with some pain-killers, some medication to coat and ease my stomach, and no clear diagnosis. My stomach has felt pretty … [Read more...]

Farewell to a Faithful Stroller

Well my friends, this is the first goodbye to a beloved stroller in the life of our young family. The narrow sidewalks and high curbs of France finally snapped the frame beyond repair. Goodbye, fair stroller. (With a grin and a double wink : ))ODE TO OUR STROLLER (sung to the tune of "Danny Boy")Peg Perego, your days with us were numbered. Four years you've been our car, our guard, our friend. The European cobblestone plus 75 pounds of children-- Your final triumph was your tragic … [Read more...]

A Child’s Garden of Verses

My Bed is a BoatMy bed is like a little boat; Nurse helps me in when I embark; She girds me in my sailor's coat And starts me in the dark. At night I go on board and say Good-night to all my friends on shore; I shut my eyes and sail away And see and hear no more. And sometimes things to bed I take, As prudent sailors have to do; Perhaps a slice of wedding-cake, Perhaps a toy or two. … [Read more...]