A Meal to Write Home About?

At dinner tonight Dash , our 5 year old, exclaimed, “You HAVE to make this meal for Daddy to show him what a good cook you are and how smart your brain is!!”

Let me qualify that by saying that when Mr. Incredible is out of town, as he is this weekend, we tend to lower some standards, especially around meal time. Usually we do a breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancakes for dinner. Tonight, after a rough day, even that seemed to require a Herculean effort. So I put some shredded cheese and canned black beans on taco chips and nuked them in the microwave for 30 seconds and served them up with salad in a bag from Costco.

A meal to show Daddy how great of a cook I am? Maybe not.

But I do think it shows exactly how smart my brain is!

Incidentally, if you are a melancholic perfectionist like myself, please take a moment to read this post by Mary at evlogia for some encouragement.

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  • Hallelujah! How wonderful to get such outstanding reviews from the hardest critics! Master Chef, move over. Texas Mommy's in the house. Love you.

  • Mr. Incredible

    Being Mr. Incredible, I can undoubtedly attest that my wife is a beyond phenomenal cook and has one of the smartest brains around. Love you, sweetie. Can we have nachos when I get home?

  • rightsaidred

    Lol! Love this post. Hilarious!

  • JurisMater

    Tex, that is so endearing. I'd take that and run with it–“Wednesday Nachos” every week for a fall mid-week menu saver? : ) You've got some good food groups covered there.

  • JurisMater

    The piece on melancholic thinking brought me to tears, Tex. You know, my mom and one of my best friends on earth are strongly melancholic in temperament, and I wouldn't be half of the woman that I am without you two. God bless you melancholic ladies in the gifts you give of contemplation, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, gentleness, loveliness, and quiet self-sacrifice, among so many others.

  • Kerry Haslam

    THAT'S CALLED “WALKING TACOS”!!!! I remember it growing up- eating it in the backyard during the summer, or on camping trips, or anytime- really. YUM. good for you. 🙂

  • Ruth

    Thank for the link. I've always speculated as to each of the Builders' temperaments (as I do when meeting anyone now!). Would you all mind sharing to satisfy my curiosity? :)Here are my predictions:Red – CholericB-Mama – SanguineKat – PhlegmaticMaryAlice – CholericAWOL – MelancholicJurisMater – Sanguine