Grocery Delivery, where have you been all my life?

Grocery Delivery, where have you been all my life? August 20, 2010

Grocery shopping has always felt like a battle I couldn’t win. Back home in Philadelphia, I paid sitters a small fortune or spent my nights at the grocery store so that I could shop alone and actually focus and go to several stores to get the best prices. I tagged along with friends to Costco and Sam’s Club to  stock up on essentials to avoid frequent bulky shops. During the past 5 months in Europe, I have had to shop almost every day for our family of five into a stroller basket because we have no car, then drag bags and boxes up three and four flights of stairs into our 1 bedroom apartments.

Those days are gone. Supermarkets and grocers in England have a massive grocery delivery business, because more people bike and walk. You order and pay online whenever, from wherever, and the groceries are delivered as early as 7am the next morning. Delivery is often free with promotions, but if not, it’s always worth it to do a lot at once and pay the $5-7 delivery charge. Much better than ruining my day with the kids, paying a sitter, or giving up my evenings with my husband. And if I order from a supermarket with high quality options for produce, meat and dairy but very inexpensive everyday generic options for the things I buy generic, I more than make up the cost of delivery by having the option of budget household items every time I shop.



(Note: my son is not a Fairy, he's a "Manry" who kills bad fairies with his sword and razor-sharp wings--this is what happens when you're flanked by girls in the birth order)



Putting them away (a good day job for a Manry)

And now we’re off to the park. Check your favorite supermarket’s website today and see what you’ve been missing.

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  • Jess

    Fresh Direct in New York City was the thing about the city I miss the most. Great food, easily obtained and no parking tickets trying to unload my own car.

  • Manry!!!! SO FUNNY!!!! I've got tears in my eyes I'm laughing so hard!!! While I don't have a need for delivery yet, one day I just might do it 🙂

  • I live in London and have three children. My 13 month old has been to the grocery store once in his life. When we return to the US I will miss grocery delivery!

  • rightsaidred

    I am so bummed that Wegman's doesn't deliver! I wish they did!!!! Our local shop rite doesn't deliver either, but you can place an order and go through a “drive-thru” where they have the bags packed and waiting and load them into your car. Since I still have to get all the kids out the door and do a pick-up, it just doesn't seem worth it. How I wish we could order our groceries!!!And Manry is absolutely hilarious! Love it!

  • Carol

    Ahh….the ASDA truck! We just got back from living in the UK for four years and I miss those great deliveries. Going to the grocery store was a challenge with three kids in tow…you fill up the cart to the top and the three kids hang on and then you can't steer….because it is 4 wheel drive!! Now that we are back in the US I will have to check out the delivery options here….if there are any.

  • Texas Mommy

    Glad to hear my godson is taking care of the bad fairies and helping with the heavy lifting!

  • This is the best, JM. We have delivery here in Mpls too, but I have never used it. I may have to now. And E-Bear needs Manry lessons from your dude 😉 Love you.

  • JMB

    Peapod delivers here in NJ. It's wonderful. For many years when my children were young I had milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt & OJ delivered by a milk man.