Thoughts for Thursday (Kat)

Thoughts for Thursday (Kat) August 19, 2010

What am I cooking tonight? Bowtie pasta with marinara sauce, broccoli, and leftover birthday cake for dessert. I’m loving Barilla Plus pasta lately – lots of protein for my meat-averse daughter, and tastes great!

What am I reading? Just finished Dearest Cousin Jane, and next on my list is Death of a Pope (I’ll give you my take when I’ve finished reading it). I’m also enjoying my new Everyday Food magazine…

What are my weekend plans? Swimming at the neighborhood pool, catechist training (I’ll be a Pre-K or K CCE teacher again this year), and doing some last-minute back-to-school organization for Christopher – can’t believe he’ll be in 1st grade this year!

What are my prayer intentions for the day? I’m praying for my mom’s health, our neighbors who have been without air conditioning all summer (we live in Texas!), and that my children will start sleeping normally again! The big kids have been waking up at all hours of the night for odd reasons (not to mention the baby), and have been up super-early in the morning, and it really messes with everyone’s ability to function during the daytime!

What is one product that is making my life a little easier? Homemade play-dough. Okay, I didn’t make it, but someone did and  my children and I have been the beneficiaries of their kindness 🙂 Mine never turns out this well – it gets hard very quickly and has a lumpier consistency. Does anyone have a recipe that they’d like to share? Play-dough is one of the few toys that both my 6 year-old and 2 year-old can enjoy together, and the homemade kind is much easier to get unstuck from the carpet than the store-bought kind (which I’ve completely given up on).

What am I grateful for? A great week of vacation with my husband and children. We all got to spend some much-needed time with daddy, and had lots of fun building sandcastles, jumping through the waves, catching lizards, and eating my mom’s yummy cooking. Oh, and Ed and I even got to go out for a belated 7th anniversary dinner!

What have I done for my marriage this week? The dishes 🙂 But I’ve prayed while doing them, which is the real benefit.

What’s challenging me lately? I have a lot of friends locally that are going through tough financial times. They struggle to make ends meet, and have to make some rough choices to make things work for their families. I have a hard time knowing how to support these friends, and feel like Our Lord is challenging me to confront the questions that have been running through my mind.

What is one task or project on my agenda for the week? Quite honestly, I need to deliver the laundry that has been sitting in a basket on my bedroom floor for the past three days, organize the pile of stuff that is sitting on the piano, and clean the grime off of our kitchen table place mats.

Something that made me think? Saying good-bye to my parents and sister (we were on a family vacation with them last week), and not knowing when I’ll see them again. It won’t be too long, just a few months I’m sure, but it’s hard to live far away from family.

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  • rightsaidred

    We just bought modeling clay instead of play dough. It will probably be harder to clean from a rug, but we use it in our schoolroom/kitchen with a tile floor. I made the switch because the modeling clay does not dry out like playdough. It can be left in the open air w/o any worries. I'm so glad you had a nice time on your vacation! I am always so sad when vacation is over!

  • Mary Alice

    Thinking about your last point made me remember that when we lived far from family, it was always helpful to know the next time we would see them, even if it wasn't for a while, it was just easier to say goodbye knowing. We never liked to go more than about a month though. It makes me sympathize with the pioneers and immigrants who did (and do) leave home knowing that they will probably never see their families again.

  • Mary Alice

    My mom used theraputty, which also lasts longer, and comes in different styles as to how hard it is to manipulate. Elizabeth Foss made lavendar scented playdough, which I am dying to try!

  • JurisMater

    Lavender-scented playdough sounds like something a midwife would use during labor.

  • JurisMater

    Kat, I'd be the luckiest mom in the world to have you teaching catechism to my Pre-Kindergartener and Kindergartener, props to you for your involvement in that ministry!

  • rightsaidred

    But isn't it funny that she has to go to training?

  • Kat0427

    Actually, it's more of a mini-retreat, just a couple of hours…

  • Mary Alice

    Well, apparently it gets all the kids to be quiet, which would be a welcome change around here today, we seem to have a shouting problem.

  • AWOL Mommy

    Funny how different we all are.. I requested to sub for 8th grade and up!

  • AWOL Mommy

    Kat, I love hearing your laundry admission because I am totally the same way. I don't mind folding it and putting it nicely back into the basket, but delivering it into the drawers is always something I lag on. I have found that doing a good purge of everyone's chest of drawers and leaving myself that crucial 1/2″ of wiggle room at the top makes me dread it a lot less.

  • rightsaidred

    Clean drawers are key. I am much more inclined to fold and put the laundry away if I have rid our drawers of unnecessary clutter.

  • Sullibe

    My husband's office with diocese puts on a two-day conference for teachers and catechists in the diocese every other year. It's a massive affair with speakers from all over the country. All to help prepare catechists (teachers included) in forming the faith of our children… I kind of wish I could go as a parent. But alas, since he's there running it, someone has to look after the kids.

  • Mary Alice

    When/how does everyone do the seasonal clothing transition? That is the thing that I am beginning to dread, it seems to take a whole day and then it is bound to by 90 degrees the next day, as soon as they all have drawers full of sweaters?

  • rightsaidred

    I won't do our fall seasonal clothing transition until mid-late September. And once I do it, I leave out several pairs of shorts/t-shirts until early November. In late Oct, early Nov., I do a second transition and get rid of anything for warm weather. It's a two stage thing in our house, otherwise I wind up with kids w/o proper clothing on a hot day, OR cluttered drawers!

  • Erin

    I love the weekly project agenda too. Sounds exactly like our home– especially the basket of clean laundry 🙂