For College Football Fans

Anyone watching college football this weekend will want to check out the pre-game for Michigan v. Connecticut.

An Ohio State U. grad student will be leading the Michigan team onto the field… You can find his family’s inspiring story here (written a year or so ago).

Watching him WALK out onto the field will undoubtedly be a tearjerker for this not-so-tough football fan!!!

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  • Anonymous

    This was a real tear jerker B-mama! I’m bawling my eyes out. My goodness, what a terrible tragedy and what truly inspiring young men. God Bless this family!

  • KC

    I, too, cried and cried when I watched the video you linked to, B-mama! But today we watched the game and it was so wonderful to see the interview with him–and the t-shirt reading “Glory to God – 1%” (which was the chance he was given that he would walk again). Thanks for pointing this all out!