Merry Christmas Red and Mr. MaryAlice

So rosy is the glow of the season that we’ll send Cliff Lee back to Philly with a big bow on top while we drown our sorrows in Texas in a big mug of egg nog. Red and the MaryAlice family will have much to rejoice in this Christmas (and baseball) season. And now, we humbly give you the claw (at least he didn’t go to the Yankees…) Make sure you text Mr. Incredible from the World Series next year to thank him for his magnanimous gift (or at least update your facebook status with a picture of yourself giving the claw).

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  • Anonymous

    I’m in such a great mood, I just might post a picture of my entire family giving the claw. I never lost faith in Cliff. I would have been happy with him simply not being a Yankee, but this!!!!! He’s baaaaaack!!!! Welcome Home Cliff!nnThanks for the well-wishes and Christmas Cheer Tex. You are certainly a good sport.

  • Mary Alice

    Tex, you are so gracious. Your cowboys Christmas card showed such beautiful faces, but it is sickening the way you are indoctrinating those poor children.

  • Anonymous

    MA, I know. I need another picture of your family Tex, one I can hang in my kitchen for the year! The Christmas spirit allowed me to post the pic on my wall, but come January, it must come down ;-(

  • Texas Mommy

    Excuse me, but I seem to remember some certain builders complaining about the effect that the late night play off game watching was having on themselves and their kiddos, who were decked out from head to toe in Eagles and/or Phillies gear. Now that is indoctrination. nnWe simply let our boys run around Cowboy stadium, score some touchdowns and then decide which is their favorite team. THAT is education, not indoctrination!

  • Anonymous

    Just tell me, have I ever mailed an Eagles photo to your home? Have I ever asked you to post an Eagles picture in your kitchen? Would Mr. Tex allow this? I think not.

  • Texas Mommy

    This is a legit point. I will have to ask Mr. Incredible for the verdict. My guess is that I would have to cut out the faces and paste them onto something else, which would be a good motor skills project for your pre-K kiddos! See, I’m send you school work 🙂