Kiddy Catechesis-Our Lady of Guadalupe

Introducing Holly, MaryAlice’s oldest daughter and my Goddaughter. We took this video footage at the conclusion of my son’s recent birthday party. The party involved a lot of bouncing and an intense game of dodge ball, so please excuse Holly’s adorably flushed face. Enjoy!

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  • B-mama

    Holly is too cute! I’m going to have to get the boys over here to the computer to learn from a peer… Thanks for the great lesson, Holly!

  • AWOL Mommy

    Holly is better at reading a teleprompter than the Tea Party lady in the response to the State of the Union. Very impressive. Impressive kid and impressive video production.

  • Mary Alice

    That was all straight out of her head, and unrehearsed, we didn’t prepare her at all! nnIf I have taught my children nothing else in this homeschooling venture, they have learned the story of Saint Juan Diego. Our school is named Our Lady of Guadalupe School. In case you were wondering, our school song is the cheezy and tear-inducing “All are welcome” from the Glory and Praise hymnal, but don’t tell my husband, he would chose “For all the Saints.” If the kids could chose, I think it would be “Lift high the Cross,” they sing it with gusto But, I am the principal, so there.

  • Kate

    As a mom at my son’s recent birthday party said about miss holly, “Do you think Alice would notice if I took her home, I really really could use a kid like her at our house”. I think Alice would notice 🙂 but I understand the sentiment!