Food Storage Question

We like to buy in bulk, but then every once in a while we have an unexpected stretch of not eating at home as often, and things go to waste. Right now, we have some issues with insects (pantry moths) in our grains, and I was thinking that I might like to just get an extra freezer and keep everything in the freezer. Does anyone have experience or thoughts on this — I keep rice in the freezer, but what about flour, dry pasta, cereal?

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  • Catherine

    I keep extra flour in the fridge.u00a0 I have heard that bugs lay their eggs in the packing of the glue and that storing itu00a0in the fridge before it is opened prevents it.

  • Anonymous

    We also keep many grains/flours in the fridge or freezer. Also, all of our nuts, which keeps them from going rancid and always means that I have pine nuts on hand for making a pesto!u00a0

  • Nicola

    If you freeze those things for 24 hrs when you bring them home from the store, it will kill any insect eggs in them. Then store them in plastic containers.

  • Marcy

    Living in Florida stuff goes stale pretty quick.u00a0 I keep all my flours and baking supplies in the freezer plus half eaten bags of chips, breads, english muffins, homemade cookies, anything I want to keep for a long time.u00a0 I have a stand up freezer bought at Lowe’s that is as big as a refrigerator that I keep in my walk-in pantry.u00a0 I could not live without it.u00a0 I keep lots of meats, homemade soups, stock, meals, buy one-get one surplus stuff like popsicles, waffels, pizzas, cocoa mix, etc.u00a0 It is well worth the money.