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The subject of sharing about books came up recently on Facebook, so I also wanted to share here that I love GoodReads as a way to catalog what I am reading and get book recommendations from others.  Look for me over there and friend me if you want to join in and see what is on my bookshelves.  Seeing bookshelves is one of my favorite reasons to visit a new home, at a cocktail party or playdate I learn so much about my friends and their values and interests.  Now that I use e-books and the library much more, Good Reads is my shelving strategy.

Soon to come, in the book category, is the lesson plan I am making for American History this year, complete with Civil War booklist.

  • AWOL Mommy

    I am a fellow Goodreads user. It is helpful when you are in periods of nursing-newborn, survival mode and think you will never read again. You can open Goodreads and see that yes, you did read good books fairly recently, and you can compile a wishlist for when normalcy returns. Ha, normalcy.nThanks for this, MA.