Test Post and brief update

Friends, this is just a test post because some of us have been having trouble with wordpress. Looks like it is working now!

Here are some quick takes from my family in July:
1. This is the summer of swim team and audio books, both of which have been great fun. We have listened to The Kite Fighters, which was wonderful, we are also using “playaways” which are individual mp3 players loaded with a book from the library. The kids love to plug in some headphones and listen while knitting, doing chores or laying around, which is a great way to spend the middle, hottest part of the day. They swim morning and night, and have made great progress in skill and fitness. They are growing up FAST! I want it to slow down.
2. My baby is potty training — a house with no diapers is hard to imagine for me. He said he doesn’t want to wear diapers at all, so this means also at night. I have usually delayed night training so as not to have sleep disturbed, but he has made it through one night, so we’ll see.
3. I am giving a talk on NFP to the young adult group at our parish tonight, prayers for that, please, such a personal, delicate subject. If our conversation goes well I will publish the notes here soon.
4. I have joined google+, which immediately integrated with all my other google stuff and now I am pretty freaked out about the internet and over sharing. I use picasa to back up my photos, but I am now concerned about privacy there. I don’t really want to spend a lot of time going back and changing all of my albums. Will this all come back to haunt my kids someday, the pictures of them looking cute/goofy?