Epic October

Since there is a noticeable dearth of October baseball posts from MaryAlice and Red this year and we all miss Mr. MA’s poetry, I will fill in the void before it’s too late.

I grew up in St. Louis, my husband was born in Dallas. Our family has an AL and an NL team that we root for…the Rangers and the Cardinals. So this World Series  is epic…determining bragging rights for all future family Thanksgivings, Christmases, etc. for possibly the rest of our lives. There is a lot riding on it!

I admit I am exhausted. We have been staying up until all hours of the night for the last few weeks (can you say extra innings?), living and dying on each pitch.

Our homeschool days begin by watching the highlights of the previous night’s game.

My husband may even be more moody than me, his pregnant wife, depending on what the preceding 24 hours have wrought.

My children now know more baseball stats than addition tables, more about pitching rotations than the chronology of ancient Egypt (ahem, which is actually on the syllabus).

I have lost track of all the bets between our two families.

My 4 year old woke up yelling for me in the middle of the night yesterday. I ran in thinking that he was having a nightmare and he was choking back tears as he said that he forgot to watch the World Series highlights from the night before.  I told him to go back to bed.

Both sets of grandparents are trying to outdo each other in buying the childrens’ loyalty to their teams. We have stuffed Fredbirds, Rangers bats, and more t-shirts and hats that I can keep track of.

So, one day very soon, this epic battle will be decided, my husband will hopefully return to the real world, my children to normal schooling and I will get a decent night’s sleep again.

And one side of the family will have the final word on baseball for ever after.

But until then, it is game on. And it is crazy fun. I have both my Cardinals and Rangers shirts at the ready. May the better team prevail!!

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, October baseball is so fun!u00a0 I think we have been exhausted and spoiled by getting to experience it every year since 2007.u00a0 You can do math, geography, history, writing, reading, and even art projects all with baseball!u00a0 Such a great sport for school.u00a0 We drew up a big chart of the brackets, and the kids have really enjoyed keeping track of each “best of 7 series” –even after our beloved Phils lost.u00a0 I’m still recovering from the loss.u00a0 I rank it as one of the worst two losses in Philly sports history.nnWe are pulling hard for the Cardinals–thanks partly to your husbands decision to rub the Phillies loss in our faces!u00a0 And also because if the Cards win the Phillies will have lost to the eventual Champion for the past 3 years.u00a0 But Texas is sure looking good–they can hit! although their defense is a bit questionable. u00a0

  • Anonymous

    I will also add, that, having the Phils lose in the 1st round has been a big boost in my productivity around the house.u00a0 It really is amazing how many things you can get accomplished when every day of October isn’t dedicated to baseball!

  • I grew up in STL too!u00a0 Where did you go to Highschool?u00a0 : )u00a0 My two year old goes to bed at night saying “I go to bed, I wake up, CARDINALS WIN!”u00a0 and she puts her hands up in the air.u00a0 It dominates the breakfast table.u00a0 I only hope her prophecy rings true tonight.u00a0 GO CARDS!

  • Mr. Incredible

    Red has shown her true colors….she never was really “for” the Rangers last year, she just had her crush on Cliff Lee and was thankful that we beat the Yankees. u00a0I see the truth now.nnOf course, there should probably never be any alliance between Dallas and Philly sports fans….we are sworn enemies!nIt has been an amazing series and baseball fall…texasmommy got to see a post-season walk-off grand slam in person! u00a0nnThough all of us are a bit sleep deprived, I don’t think we (or at least I) would trade it for almost anything…having the hapless Rangers win the World Series just months after the hapless Mavericks won the title would make history here in Dallas. u00a0It gives me sports tingles just thinking about it.

  • Anonymous

    My true colors are that I love baseball, and will root for teams with players I like and for otherwise likeable teams.u00a0 And yes, I do have a crush on Cliff Lee (who totally let us down this post-season).u00a0 A bit too much trash talking from you (better suited for the meathead sport of football btw), and it wasn’t hard to make up my mind as to my rooting interests for this particular post-season.u00a0 I guess you don’t really know a brutal loss when you see one (typical of a southern sports fan) and find it fun to rub your “friends” faces in an epic postseason series loss (I would expect a southerner to be a bit more refined).u00a0 That’s how you roll.u00a0 I guess when you didn’t compete in a real sport you don’t really know how to win or lose well, and how to deal with friends and teammates in a competitive atmosphere, so I really should be more understanding and go easy on you.u00a0 nnAnd I have nothing against the entire city of Dallas (btw), I save that for NY.u00a0 Of course the Cowboys are a rival team, so I always root against them, nbut I cheered very hard for the Mavericks to beat the Heat, and picked nthe Rangers and Cliff Lee as my team once the Phillies were eliminated nlast year.u00a0 I guess it should be an honor that Philly is seen as so great that those in Dallas waste their time rooting against ALL of our teams and take such delight when we lose.

  • Mandabravo

    We are a Rangers/Phillies household, and it gets very confusing for the children in October.u00a0 They have a hard time keeping track of who is still playing, who we are booing, and it doesn’t help when they both have red white and blue in their multitude of uniforms.u00a0 I had a hard time deciding which was worse, a Phillies/Rangers World Series or the disappointment of my husband if the Phillies lost.u00a0 It sounds like your family is having a good time with it though.u00a0 Luckily the Rangers are an easy group of men to root for so my husbandu00a0can still cheer for them, although he still holds on to the same mentality of Red in that if the Cardinals win the Phillies can say they lost to the eventual champion.u00a0 Although shame on you Red for choosing a random team over the potential happiness of your nephews!u00a0 They love a good championship parade.

  • Kate E.

    You guys have me rolling. While none of our baseball teams were even in the playoffs this year that didn’t stop the baseball obsessed 5 year old with deciding his favorites. In the playoffs it was Phillies (his little league team), Rangers (his Uncle Duff’s favorite team being a Texan), the Brewers (because Daddy is a recreational brewer) and the Tigers (because nobody roots for the Yankees…sorry Alice, really).u00a0 So that has settled into a root for the Rangers in the end, although with the 8pm start here it means highlights only in our house (*yawn*).u00a0 As for rivalries, my husband is still smarting that he missed the ball on seeing the baseball obsession beginning this year and didn’t whisper in my sons ear with the intensity that I did. Therefore much to his sad sad Red Sox fan heart, my son is Mets fan (Go METS!). And since my dad and brother were at the most epic of epic games, Game 6 of the 1986 series, Jack also relives that pain for my husband regularly by reading about it, asking his grandpa to describe it, or watching the VHS tape recording we have of it. Serious salt in the wounds. I love it.

  • Jurismater

    Are we going to have to start censoring comments on a sports post?

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps.u00a0 Or maybe we should just prevent people from enjoying the misery of others in their bragging sports posts?u00a0 Oh wait, that might prevent Mr. Incredible and Texas Mommy from posting?!?u00a0

  • Anonymous

    You are right, I should be thinking of my nephews!u00a0 I should not let sore winners and Philly haters distract me from my nephews.u00a0 And they will look absolutely adorable in their Rangers gear for the parade ;-)u00a0 I will be thinking of that tonight as I watch the game!u00a0

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I have thought this many times. It is fun, but I could have done a lot with those hours (ahem, sleep).

  • Anonymous

    Nothing in my post was meant to incite animosity! I don’t really get the intense hating of other teams/entire geographic reigions, but this has just been so much crazy fun for our family!u00a0

  • Anonymous

    “Since there is a noticeable dearth of October baseball posts from nMaryAlice and Red this year and we all miss Mr. MAu2019s poetry, I will filln in the void before itu2019s too late.?”u00a0 nnAnd from Mr. Incredible–n”Sorry Phillies friends. You may have gotten Cliff Lee, but we’ve got the better team. Go @Rangers !”n

  • Anonymous

    I thought that was just good natured teasing since you took back our pitcher last year! We were so indebted to Cliff Lee.nnHonestly, I am very jealous that your last 3 weeks haven’t been totally consumed! Though it is so fun to watch the kids react.u00a0

  • Mandabravo

    It’s okay, because in truth they (for now) are just as much Phillies fans as Rangers fans despite the geography of it all.u00a0 I mean how can another team compete with the Phanatic?

  • B-mama

    OUCH, Red, this is HARSH! u00a0:)

  • Anonymous

    What art projects did you do? My creative powers are waning at the moment…nnI am glad that we don’t have to experience this every October.

  • Anonymous

    STL was a great place to grow up. Given that I went to Princeton I’ll give you 2 guesses where I went to high school…j/k! But I went to one and my brother to the other one. I love taking the kids back there…the free zoo, the magic house, so fun! This World Series is a win-win for me!

  • Anonymous

    Color team logos (for example, Cardinal or simply the logo on the Cardinals hat–the boys seem to really like this).u00a0 Most of the logos/lettering can be printed off online and then colored.u00a0 Try to draw or trace team logos (Gianna loved that).u00a0 Color or draw monuments from the key cities (for example, the arch in St. Louis, the Liberty Bell in Philly).u00a0 You get the idea.u00a0 Often a simple relevant coloring/drawing project is really fun for the kids.