DIY: Shower Curtain Drapes

With every baby comes a room change in our world, leaving me flailing as to how to decorate spaces on a dime.  I had heard of people using shower curtains as window treatments and so set out on a mission to find cheap drapes for a new room soon to be occupied by our 1yo daughter and 3yo son.  There are 3 windows in the room, 32″ x 65″ or so.  We priced out unlined drapes at PBK and would have spent at least $250 to get a product that wouldn’t block the sun and wasn’t all that interesting pattern-wise.

You can imagine my elation out shopping at Tar.get, when I found these clearance shower curtains, lined and in beautiful masculine/feminine patterns:

Who knew shower curtains could be so nice?

I got them for a steal at half off: $15/ea and took them home to set to work.  Mind you, this is an EASY DIY–I am no seamstress.  Anyone who can sew a hem can do this.  You could also work it with sewing glue if you don’t sew.  It’s definitely not rocket science!

I first cut my curtain in half–the dimensions are 72″ x 72″, so I knew I’d have plenty of curtain to cover my windows.  

You’ll now have two separate panels, each with a rough edge.

You can lay the other panel aside. Don’t forget to be cute while being crafty–a definite plus!

Mama's best helper

Now fold once and twice on your rough edge and pin. You’ll want to have 1/4″ to 1/2″ stitch allowance.

Then set to sewing your seam.

When you’re done, admire your work, then set to hanging. I used shower curtain hooks and slipped them right through the holes at the top of each panel.

Voila, curtains!
Take that, PBK!

And with that, you’re done! We plan to hang the curtains on real rods ($2.50 ea), which will bring the project total to a whopping $55 in expenses. That’s a good feeling when you’re living on a budget! Enjoy!

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  • Rightsaidred Builder

    I love this. Cute pattern, great idea. Window treatments are so darn expensive!!!u00a0 It is the one time when I really wish I could sew a little.

  • Kat

    B-Mama, these are so cute!nQuestion: How did you learn to use the sewing machine? Did you teach yourself, and if so, is there a book that you would recommend?u00a0

  • Juris Mater

    Is there anything she can’t do? Those are beautiful, well done, you rock!

  • Mary Alice

    Great suggestion, I would not have thought of cutting them down, but I have used unaltered shower curtains for window treatments, too.nnWell done you!u00a0 I have some straight valances to sew, should be super easy in theory, but this might motivate me to actually do it!

  • Mary Alice

    Do you keep your machine out and set up?u00a0 We kept ours out for about a month while we worked on the Christmas pajamas, but in general I find the hardest part of motivating to sew is getting out the machine and starting.u00a0 Perhaps once or twice a year I need to put it up for a month and just get all of my projects out of the way!nnKat, I would actually recommend a kids book, I learned a lot from going through it with my daughter, and I am finding the grown up book so confusing!u00a0 nnAfter working through this book:nn could follow an internet video and make the pajamas, sew a straight seam on anything, etc.u00a0 Our next project, from the grown up book, will be a tote bag, I’ll blog it if we ever get it done! nnHere is the grown up book I have:n

  • B-mama

    Kat, I used the remnants of knowledge leftover from middle school home economics and got a sewing machine 5 years ago. u00a0My first projects were just getting familiar with the machine and trying out different stitches. u00a0Then I started with hemming the boys hole-y pants into shorts one summer (they got upwards of 10 “new” pair of shorts!), made a simple purse, sewed large blackout curtains for the boys’ room, and so on… u00a0The thing about curtains is that the fabric can be almost as pricey as buying the drapes outright, which is why the shower curtain is such a nice, cheap solution and most of the seams are already sewn.nnMary Alice seems to have found some good books for you. u00a0Now, go price out a cheaper Singer machine (~$100) and away you go! u00a0Have fun with it!

  • B-mama

    Oh JM, you humble me! u00a0I think it’s more that I’m willing to try it, rather than do it well… u00a0If anyone is looking for inspiration, try Pinterest! u00a0It is my new love–sharing ideas is the best motivator! u00a0

  • B-mama

    I also store mine away and it is a deterrent having to pull it out to get going. u00a0If only for a sewing/crafts/art room! u00a0Oh, the fun one could have there! u00a0For this project I’ve kept the sewing machine set up in the dining room, which seems to be our catch-all room these days. u00a0Tonight it is going back in the upstairs closet, though. u00a0Who knows when it will surface again! 🙂

  • Donna

    Great job!u00a0 These are precious and perfect for a boy/girl room.u00a0 The nesting bug has hit G-ville!

  • Anonymous

    These are awesome. Well done, nesting Mama!u00a0