Business Cards for Mom?

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When playing outside the library with my kids awhile ago, another mom noticed that our littlest guy was wearing a cloth diaper. She introduced herself and let me know about a cloth diapering co-op and support group in the area. Then she reached into her diaper bag and pulled out a “business card” with her name, email and the google group info for the CD group.

I admit that I was a little taken aback. A business card? For her email and a diaper group?

But the reality is that I probably would have forgotten about the group if she hadn’t handed me the card. Or, if I had tried to input her email address into my smartphone while trying to make sure that my child didn’t fall into the library fountain, I would have probably mistyped it.

Does anyone have “mommy cards”? Do you use them? Is it weird? I was thinking they could be helpful after Sunday mass when I see a new young family and want to invite them to our moms group, but am simultaneously trying to keep my kids out of the church fountain (my kids clearly have issues when in close proximity to fountains). I can see people using it to pass on their blog info as well, though I think I would feel too shamelessly self-promoting to do that.

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  • Juris Mater

    Interesting, Tex… while I can see all sorts of practical reasons to use these (especially as my short- and long-term memory drain out a little bit each day), I don’t think I could overcome my instinctive aversion because of the tool factor involved. I’ve spent my entire life trying to shed that image : )

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    JM, are you referring to “tool” as in “dork” factor? 🙂 Perhaps you wouldn’t look dorky at all, but rather completely on top of things as a mom. You could potentially make other mothers gawk at your organization and preparedness!

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    Overall, I think this is a good idea, especially for a mother leading a larger, out-of-the-home prayer or mothers’ group (i.e. MOPS, etc.). I once had a MOPS leader hand me her card while we were out to lunch and I appreciated having something to tuck in my wallet to view later on… I could see doing something like this to market my tutoring services, but would only hand them out if the subject came around to tutoring and the person seemed genuinely interested.

  • maryalice

    I have these. They are cranes, and look more like calling cards. It is just easier than fumbling for paper when you are trying to give some one your contact information. It works for me.

  • maryalice

    I do not put the blog on them 🙂 I do think that would feel too promotional. Also, I usually want to get to know someone first before they read the blog. I prefer my blogging to only be read by close friends or total strangers, but it is always awkward with the in between.

  • Juris Mater

    Seriously Bethany, you went to Princeton and don’t know the fullness of the definition of “tool”? An overly-organized and put-together, takes-herself-really-seriously, superficial and easily swayed sycophant to the system. And completely not self-aware. I prefer to view myself as a rebel without a cause. Fight the power.

  • maryalice

    Before that, tool had a homosexual connotation, at least in New York, where the gay bar in my neighborhood was called “the tool box.” I’m not sure that it isn’t just a generalized insult which, with Princeton’s superfluity of nerds, came to mean nerd in that context?

  • Juris Mater

    Interesting etymology discussion… I always think of nerds/dorks as looking hopelessly nerdy and with no social graces, like Screech from Saved by the Bell. A tool dresses like he’s ready for his big interview with Goldman Sachs at any moment, and the only behavior he knows is how to adapt to whatever he perceives to be “socially graceful” at the moment.

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    “Tool” mothers in our part of town are totally cool. I live in the world of the helicopter mother, who is envied for her parental enthusiasm!

  • maryalice

    I think in law school that type of person was called a “gunner.” It was very important to not appear to be a gunner, even if you were secretly studying your a– off. It was cooler to care more about your softball game than your classes. Len was such a closet gunner that people were shocked when he got a job at all, let alone the one he got, and awards at graduation, etc. But the real gunners all clerked, so he’s off the hook.

  • Ruth T

    when I my child was a toddler thru middle school, I often wished I had a card to hand out instead of spelling out my name, of course this would only be done when the information was required.

  • Shandy C

    I actually have had “mommy cards” for several years. It is very easy to just pass my card that has all my contact info (name, address, phone number, email) to another person. I do not put my blog info on my mommy cards. I get my mommy cards for free from I get 250 cards in a simple design. The catch is that for the free cards you have vistaprints info on the back of the card. You do have to pay for shipping though.