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I Am Not a Nice Person

In fact, I am mean.When I go to the food store, I think mean things about many of the complete strangers I encounter there.  If I'm not pregnant, and I've just had a cup of coffee, I am very good at not sharing any of these mean thoughts.  On good days, I may even think some nice thoughts.  But on bad days, I not only think mean things, I find a way to say them.  Sometimes it's just a nasty tone or a sarcastic comment, but on really bad days, it's much worse.  And I may not even feel badly ab … [Read more...]

Water Baby

With T minus 11 days until my due date, my mind is naturally gravitating toward labor and delivery.These thoughts abounded the other day while I was swimming laps in the pool, dreaming about the upcoming event and wondering how it was going to all play out.  Swimming this pregnancy has been a godsend in so many ways.  My end-of-pregnancy back pain is at an all-time low, my muscles feel more agile and relaxed, I have less pelvic floor discomfort--much of this I am crediting to swimming.  It is … [Read more...]


Dear readers ~You have probably noticed some changes at Patheos (and therefore, at Building Cathedrals) over the past week. We simply wanted you to know that we do not have any control over, nor do we endorse, the advertisements or the links that are posted in the sidebar. We hope that you are still able to focus on the content of our posts - thanks for bearing with us during this time of transition!Blessings, Katrina and the Building Cathedrals team … [Read more...]

Thoughts for Thursday

Yes, dear readers, we remember "Thoughts for Thursday" - thank you for your patience with us!What am I cooking? Steak fajitas, yum! Here is a delicious marinade for flank steak from Fr. Leo Patalinghug's new cookbook, Grace Before Meals (makes a great gift, by the way!):For 1 1/4 pounds of flank steak:2 garlic cloves, finely minced 1/4 c. white wine 1/4 c. soy sauce 2 T. ketchup 1 t. red pepper flakes (I left this out) 1/4 c. red wine vinegar 1/4 c. olive oil 1 c. dark … [Read more...]

New Aquinas Institute Website

The Aquinas Institute at Princeton--through which most of us Builders discovered or enlivened our Catholic faith during college--has an updated website. Check it out.And the "alumni" section features some of our dearest friends! Inspiring folks they are--babies and vocations galore. Bravo. … [Read more...]

Pre-School Booklist

On Saturday I gave a talk at the CHAPLET Homeschooling Conference on The Circuit.  It went really well, and, I was rather shocked at the positive feedback and the large number of questions I received.  Most of those questions were from moms just getting their feet wet with homeschooling, but other questions were from more experienced moms with practical difficulties in their morning routine.  The Q and A turned into a wonderful dialogue, and I left with a lot of great ideas as to how to improve m … [Read more...]

First Communicants

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The Call to Hospitality: “Houseguests are Like Fish”

All Christians are called to hospitality--we never know when we're entertaining angels right? My husband and I also really enjoy having dinner guests and houseguests, most of the time, assuming we're not in pre- or post-baby survival mode.But I've been startled a few times at how my patience and generosity begin to run very, very thin when guests stay for more than a couple of nights. Even the dearest friends. I start measuring what I'm giving; I start resenting the extra cleaning and … [Read more...]

Joy Stealers

I just had the most unsettling exchange with a woman at the gym.  She was rude.  She was confrontational (even about topics on which we agreed!)  She started my day on such a negative note.She was a "joy stealer", as my mom likes to call them.  Joy stealers are those people, interactions, situations that just sap the joy out of one's life.  They take it and hoard it.  They are the bushels that hide the light in the "This Little Light of Mine" song.  They are Joy Stealers and I struggle with t … [Read more...]

Open Forum: Pick my stroller!

My beloved Valco double all terrain stroller will be 8 years old in September.  I cried with joy when I got it, because with the booster seat and skateboard attached, I could leave the house for the first time as a mother of 4 under 3.  Just after I got mine, custom from Australia, Julia Roberts announced that she was having twins and ordered one.  See how I roll?  That stroller got me to the playground, the grocery store and eventually back and forth to Kindergarten every day.  It limped along s … [Read more...]