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Olympic Milestones

Thirty two years ago, my first Olympics was boycotted.Twenty two years ago in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Ben Johnson tested positive for doping.  My childhood admiration took a tumble as I realized honesty was not a given in life.Fourteen years ago, while immersed in my own running pursuits, I was enamored of greats like Michael Johnson and Donovan Bailey at the Atlanta 1996 games.  I was readying to enter my senior year in high school and complete my first-ever Olympic distance triathlon. … [Read more...]

Olympics and Spiritual Training

My husband and I were discussing how we can incorporate fun learning and maybe some virtue and habit training into the exciting time surrounding the Olympics. We both love watching world class athletes compete and our kids do, too.We will keep track of medal counts for several countries as we have done in the past, but Mr. Incredible thought it would be a great opportunity to work on building good habits and virtues. So for each day the boys will be trying to earn two medals for their own … [Read more...]


"You have four kids?" "You homeschool them?" "Ohh, you must be so patient, I could neeevver do that."This line of questioning, punctuated with the certain conclusion of my undoubted gifts as a mother has become a refrain in my life. I know the women who express their incredulity at my selfless nature in this manner are well-meaning, but I detest it.I am selfish. I fight it hard every day, every hour, I want to tell them. Rather than build me up and make me feel like the superwoman they … [Read more...]

Worth It!

I feel like you all have been with me on a crazy journey this summer as I planned to let my kids fully participate in our neighborhood swim team even though I was going to have a baby on the very first day of the season. That baby is one month old today, and we had the last regular meet. As you know from my last post, our routines fell apart, and it was a groan to the finish line, but we made it, and I am so happy for my children, and, frankly, proud of myself for getting through it all with a … [Read more...]


What is a mom on the go in need of coffee to do? Whip some up in your coffee-maker equipped car! Genius!Now if only Fiat made a 9 passenger car...h/t: my wonderful husband who doesn't rely on coffee, unlike me... … [Read more...]

Cleaning House

As a family, we are heavily dependent on our systems.  I am not organized by nature and can barely find my own glasses when I wake up in the morning, so without good systems in place, this busy household of 9 people would fall apart very quickly.  An organized pantry means I can see in a second if we are almost out of peanut butter.  If the swim towel bin in the laundry room is empty I know that towels must be washed and dried before morning practice.  The children can get their own snacks org … [Read more...]

Motherhood and Anxiety: Walking with Christ Day by Day

I was talking with Kellie yesterday about a family's near-miss with drowning. It involved a 2.5-year-old at a lake and thanks to the heroism of an 11-year-old girl, the baby is still with us. Praise God. But immediately my mama mind goes to forbidden, sinful places--what about the times where things don't work out?  What about the near-misses and the misses to come in my future?  What about my family?  My brain takes over and my body shuts down while I manage different scenarios and imagine sc … [Read more...]

I Promise Honey, I’ve Got Things Under Control

Monday was a pretty crazy summer day in our household. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but let's just say that one minor catastrophe followed another. Miraculously, at the end of the day we were all still smiling...Sometimes I think that I am better at handling chaos than I am at enduring the not-so-exciting challenges of daily life with young children! In any case, it all started with an innocent game of "mommy goes to the beauty parlor" with my girls:As I was getting my … [Read more...]

Summer Update, a Bit of Everything

So I have a bunch of different things that I have wanted to write about over the past few days or weeks.  But it is summer and life has been very full.  Between swim team and my oldest daughter performing in the musical "Annie," all my good intentions of blogging failed.  Like most summers, I am spending my time living life rather than documenting it.  But in an effort to catch up, here is a summer update post with some links, photos, and thoughts...1. We went blueberry picking today. Tem … [Read more...]

The Fireworks Are For Him

My husband was born on the Fourth of July.  As a small child, he really thought that the fireworks were for his birthday each year.  That leaves a lot to live up to in the celebrating department.  He is also an extrovert who loves to be surrounded by people and at the center of attention, so his birthday is his second favorite day of the year.  (His absolute favorite is Christmas Eve).Usually we are at the beach on the 4th, but this year, with a 2 week old, we decided we had better stay put … [Read more...]