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Novena for Marriage and Family

A few months ago I signed up on the "Pray More Novenas" website to receive reminders to, well, pray novenas. The man who runs this website, John Paul, does a great job of reminding me of upcoming novenas, and then emailing the prayers to me on the nine days of the actual novena. This is so great for me, since I often begin a novena and then forget to pray some of the days! By having the reminders sent to my inbox every morning, I can pray first thing.Since September 8th is the Feast of the … [Read more...]

Beautiful Sermon

So many of us are at a crossroads these few weeks. Schedules and routines are shifting, children and parents are adjusting. Things do not always go smoothly. This short sermon from Audio Sancto is a beautiful reminder of what the point of all this is: holiness, sanctity and, ultimately, heaven. While the title is "Why Homeschool", the content applies to any person, whatever their state in life. My favorite line: Peace in the home is not always possible, but peace in the heart is. I urge you to ta … [Read more...]

Farewell, Summer

We've had a really nice summer, and I'm just not ready for it to come to an end. For starters, my big girl is finally getting to go to Pre-K, a day that she has been anticipating for a very long time. I know that she is ready, and thought that I was ready, but now I'm not so sure. Life will be so different without her around - our youngest will no longer have her favorite playmate around during the day, and I won't have my biggest helper. Mercifully, my son won't be starting until after Labor … [Read more...]

The Builder Boom is Complete

Our Littlest Princess arrived on Monday, wrapping up a historic Builder Boom. Seven "Builders" who blog here, and seven new babies, in eight months. Praise God!And we remain both heavy-hearted and blessed to have Katrina's treasure, Anastasia Rose, as the sister and patron in heaven of all our little Boomers.Here's our daughter, surrounded by welcome home gifts from her four siblings: … [Read more...]

I’m In Trouble

I just read a headline saying, "Tips to Alleviate Separation Anxiety," and truly thought (until I opened the article) that it was aimed at mothers struggling with sadness on their child's first day of school. Of course, they were talking about the kids being sad. I'm going to be a mess on Monday morning! … [Read more...]

Calling All Catholics

A must-watch for the upcoming elections:  … [Read more...]

The Mother-Son Date Nights

I wrote a post the other week about a scenario in our family where my oldest child, Matthew, broke down into tears one day because he was feeling more criticism than love from me.  Poor guy.  He needed a few mama hugs and then some...  I admit, it is easier to come down hard on him because he is my natural-born leader.  His example sets the tone for our family.  He is my go-to guy for help.  He paves the way for the rest of the kids--all of our experiences with him are new, which means they are o … [Read more...]

Dying To Self, Yet Again

Growing up, I would watch my grandmother closely.  She would stand in her kitchen with her hand on her hip and look straight in the mirror at herself (she had a large mirror in her kitchen!) and say with determination, "I tell you, me..."  Then she would launch into some issue she had with something or someone, some beef she needed to get off her chest.  Inevitably she would start to laugh because everything my nana did always ended with a good belly laugh.  She was a great lady and I miss her … [Read more...]

When I’m gone…

Here is an interesting test of parenting:  My daughter would like me to learn to do this with her.  This involves her dropping her school work to practice it, and my dropping, well, everything else.  But it is so, so cool.  And also, true to the lyrics, I know that one day my daughter will have a ticket for the long way round, and I am going to miss her when she's gone.  She won't always want me to do something with her.  So I am trying to be patient, and engaged, and have fun while I'm at it.  F … [Read more...]

Morning Routines

As we begin to think about school routines, I really like this post about a morning routine -- note that it happens AFTER breakfast.  That would be a huge help for us, making it more likely that we can do our family breakfast and then have a good start to the day.  It is always a tough thing to have the kids actually dressed and pressed in time to eat before Dad has to leave.  Also, checklists will go a long way in lessening my nags. … [Read more...]