Work the List

I have a lot to do this week, and by Tuesday I was handling myself well — that was until MY DRYER CAUGHT FIRE!  Then the anxiety of that minor and embarrassing emergency (two trucks, the chief and the fire inspector, along with the village police) seemed to ooze into the rest of my life.  Are you like that?  I am, especially when I am hormonal.  My mother calls it “leaky emotions.”  Anyway, I was starting to get worried about just about everything including, but not limited to, how I was going to pack for a big lake vacation with no dryer and my car in the shop.

Inspiration – which by definition comes from the Holy Spirit – struck in the form of a good old fashioned “To-Do” list.  I realized that I didn’t need my car or my dryer to get a lot of the things done, so I focused on those.  When I did get my car back, I was able to be efficient (take the baby to the doctor and get camp medical form filled out, all at the same time!).  Every time I start to panic, I just look at the list and see if there is a little something that I can knock off.  I think that I have actually gotten through all of the things that really, really had to be done this week.

Also, every time I get sidetracked, I think to myself, is this helping me to accomplish something on the list?

See that part at the bottom about blog post on Self Care?  Stay Tuned — I didn’t get to that yet, but it is life changing!

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  • Love seeing that “to-do” list, MA 🙂 I’m all about crossing things off, it’s almost contagious for me – the more I do, the more I continue to get done. Sometimes, it’s nice to toss the list aside, like for a family vacation, but that can’t last for long!
    I also have some long-term items on my to-do list, and I make sure to transfer these items to any new lists that I make so that they don’t fall off the radar. It’s amazing how easily I forget items that aren’t on the list!

  • Kellie “Red”

    I also need to start writing more things down. It lowers my stress level significantly to just make a list and start crossing things off as they pop up. I’ve found that it is so mentally exhausting to try to remember so many “to do’s.” Good reminder as we just returned from vacation and I have a very long list in my head. Time to put pen to paper!

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    MA, you’ve accomplished amazing things with this list!! And I love how all-encompassing your to-do’s are, in that you write down very specific and very general things that need to be done. That is always a hang-up of mine in list-making: whether to include both short and long-term, specific and general items, etc. all in one list. Thanks to this post, I currently have Monday’s list sitting on my counter and I’ve already started crossing things off.