What Could Have Been….

B-Mama was wondering a little while ago what it would be like if she had to pump milk for her daughter with a small army of people running around her house. I can tell her exactly what it would have been like.

When pumping, your small army of people may have decided that today is the birthday of Ribbit the Stuffed Frog.

Then, they may have decided that they needed to celebrate said birthday.

With friends. Lots of stuffed friends.

Apparently friends may also include pillows and quilts.

And it’s just not a party without homemade confetti.

Lots of confetti.

And music!

(At least we can check off piano practice and scissors practice).

And now to check off cleaning up practice….

  • http://www.buildingcathedrals.com Katrina

    Very cute, Texas Mommy! The boys look great – they’re having a blast together!