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Pop Music and Kids

From one of our dear friends:I am growing weary of listening to toddler music in the car.  My daughter will happily listen to classical music at home but not in the car.  She has heard pop music only a couple of times but really seems to love it.Do you allow your children to listen to pop music?If yes, then how to you determine what is or isn't appropriate and how do you enforce this in a consistent way?And if not, then what do your children listen to? How do you shield t … [Read more...]

What’s Important?

We have a rule for our boys that they may not come out of their rooms after we kiss them goodnight unless it is for something important (subject to the arbitrary discretion of mom and dad), upon penalty of having to stay in their room 5 minutes longer in the morning. It is torturous for them to know that their brothers are eating breakfast 5 minutes before them, so it is quite an effective deterrent.It is so interesting to see what they deem important enough to be willing to risk morning ti … [Read more...]

Attitude Enhancement

It is truly remarkable how easy it is to slip into a household of negativity around here.  Add in a four-day Thanksgiving break and lots of family togetherness and our home was beginning to implode with pessimism, complaining, whiny responses, and a cloud of negative thoughts and attitudes.  Our home life started to feel toxic.  Something had to give. My husband and I talked it through and decided on a plan yesterday morning.  We needed to get back to routines, back to a schedule.  With a fami … [Read more...]

For Therese

Today is the tenth anniversary of the birth of Therese Joy, the first child of my dear friend and fellow blogger, Kellie.Therese was born with anencephaly and quietly passed away during delivery on that cold November night back in 2002 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I was there with a multitude of friends.  We knew Therese was coming and we knew she would only be here on earth for a short while.After she was born, Kellie and her husband were so generous to allow us the chance to meet T … [Read more...]

Car Seat Advice for a Toddler

Dear friends ~I would love your car seat reviews. I have an almost 3 year-old who is tall for her age, and weighs about 33 lbs. We have a hand-me-down 5 point-harness convertible car seat that just isn't working anymore. I think that the harness straps are pressing down on her shoulders, and there isn't enough padding. She is always complaining that her back hurts when she sits in her car seat, and with an 820-mile (one-way!) road trip coming up at Christmas, I need to find a better … [Read more...]

Feast of Christ the King

On today's great feast day, I wanted to share with you a bulletin excerpt written by Fr. John Connelly of Sacred Heart Parish in Newton, MA - he is a dear friend of ours and always writes very thoughtful columns. For the Feast of Christ the King, he gives us all a little history lesson and reminds us of where we stand today.It was in 1925 that Pope Pius XI instituted the Feast of Christ the King. This action followed the ending of World War I - the war to end all wars, but which became the … [Read more...]

A Good Enough Christmas

I have to say, I love Red's list, and I love her "get it done while staying sane" attitude towards the Holidays.  When I look at that list, I realize that there are really so many things that need to get done to prepare for a family Christmas celebration.  I have streamlined my list quite a bit, and I try to do some things early, but every year I wind up in trouble by mid December.  One of the main reasons that I have not been able to follow a list like that in the past is not procrastination, as … [Read more...]

Essence of Toddler: What’s Wrong with This Picture

"What's Wrong With This Picture" activities are among my older kids' favorites. So we especially enjoyed a real-life version when we finally located our unsupervised toddler last night right before bed.(1) newborn baby sister's pacifier compromised--check(2) destruction of electronic equipment in progress--check(3) destruction of self imminent (treacherously high up the stairs and ready to dive)--checkI am Toddler.  … [Read more...]

I’m Grateful that We Walk Together

Patheos has given us a writing prompt for the month of November, to consider in gratitude someone who has helped us along on our journey of faith.  I am lucky to say that I could write a month long series considering the important roles that my mother and father, my grandparents, aunts, friends, and of course the builders have played in my life in faith, the important ways that each one has helped me to understand my place in this world as a child of God.  I know, however,  that there is one pe … [Read more...]

An Army Wife who needs Petraeus Out of her Living Room

It is happening to me - I am getting sucked in. I want to know every detail of what the e-mails between GEN Petraeus and his hottie biographer, Paula Broadwell, said. I want to compare Mrs. Petraues and Paula Broadwell and understand why he cheated. This is like watching the fallout of a nasty accident on the highway, but so much more personal. Ever since I read about the extramarital affair of a man whom I had previously respected greatly, I am being psychologically eaten alive.I finally … [Read more...]