Everybody Freeze!

When a Christmas ornament breaks around here, I call out “freeze” and that means do not move until I have it cleaned up.  This is an important policy because we are often barefooted and I don’t like the idea of shards of glass in little feet.  All of the children have learned the drill, and usually whoever drops the ornament is the first to say “freeze.”  I love to see my kids stop moving.  Right now, I want to shout “freeze” several times each day, just to see them hold still for a minute.  Our life is rushing on, my children seem really to be growing up, and they are wonderful people, and I am so proud of them, but some days it goes too fast.

I am sure that the loss of the children in Connecticut has made me want to hold mine a little tighter this week, and maybe it is also the holidays bringing out the sentiment in me, but I have had several moments this week when my children’s simple words or actions brought tears to my eyes.   Here are the specific things that have made me cry this week:

My kids and their dad making Christmas cookies

…my baby cut his first tooth.  Then 6 kids wanted to wash their hands so they could reach into his mouth and feel it, and congratulate him.

…my oldest son lost his last baby tooth.  He is not a baby anymore.

…my 4 year old picked up a kaleidoscope for the first time.  Ooh, mamma, look!  Later on, while he was in the bath, I whispered something and he said “Why are we whispering, do you have quietness in you?”

…my 5 year old got a cast on his wrist.  He asked for green.  The nurse said “Is green your favorite color?”  He responded “no, blue is my favorite color, but green is my favorite color for a cast.”  While in the waiting room, I taught him to add, and he taught me to play LIFE on my iPhone.

…my 8 year old twins are starting to really come into their own.  They finished 2nd grade this week.  They love to draw and color, and they are tall, and so, so beautiful.  Just looking at them does it for me.

…my almost 10 year old daughter went out to dinner with her Dad tonight and then to her first Broadway show, Annie.  I don’t know who was more excited about the date, the little girl or her father.  He keeps sending me pictures of her.

…I wrapped 7 pairs of LLBean slippers for Christmas morning.


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  • Kellie “Red”

    Love these, thanks for sharing.

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    These made me smile, MA. Lovely thoughts.

  • Beautiful sentiments! Hope there are some great freeze moments this holiday week!

  • Helen

    Mary Alice, you have a gorgeous family!

    A happy and holy Christmas to all the Builders and all your readers. Thanks for all your wonderful and inspiring posts during the year.

  • Texas Mommy

    Does Mr. MA always bake in a Princeton tie?

  • maryalice

    He wears a suit and tie every day!