Do Your Kids Drink Tea?

In response to Texas Mommy’s recent post about the flu, Kellie mentioned that her kids drink tea and that they make it themselves – I love it! This is so funny, because I was planning to write a quick post about tea. My 8 year-old loves peppermint tea, and I usually add a touch of stevia (Truvia) to make it a bit sweeter, although I should probably be having him drink it without any sweetener. We can’t have juice in the house because it doesn’t agree with my 2 year-old, and I am not willing to fight the battle every time we open the refrigerator. Tea seems like a great alternative! My questions are, what types of tea are the best, and how often is it okay for them to drink a cup? My instinct would be to offer herbal tea to avoid caffeine, but does anyone know if there are types of herbal tea that are dangerous for young children? When I googled “tea for children,” I either got the Tea Collection clothing store or websites run by Celestial Seasonings, which may be biased in their opinions. Please advise!

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  • texasmommy

    We do lots of tea in the Contigio no spill coffee mugs for the kids. We love many types of sanctitea ( and also Trader Joe’s organic green tea. I add some raw, local honey to sweeten (which may help with allergies, though I think the heat diminishes any benefit). I do use caffeinated varieties as well. Our son’s neuropsych gave us some literature about the positive link b/w caffeine and attention span. For all the encouragement to avoid artificial dyes and preservatives (which we do) the only thing that has evidence to help with ADHD is consumption of caffeine (which works as a stimulant, like Ritalin). We drink tea several times a week in winter, but I would be ok with every day.

  • Sara

    We drink green and after it has cooled a bit we put raw local honey in it. I haven’t heard of it being dangerous for kids to drink everyday but I’ve never done any research on it.

  • TM, how interesting, I had never heard of the link between caffeine and attention span – that’s very good to know!

  • JMB

    Some of my children like Lipton with milk and a packet of real sugar. I don’t really stress about the caffeine because they drink a very milky diluted tea.

  • MaryAlice

    My kids drink lots of tea. We like herbal or green teas, usually celestial seasonings sleepy time, or lemon flavored green teas. They also really like mint teas. I go for a sweeter tea and no sweetener, mostly because it is messy.

    My kids make their own tea, too. They also bring tea bags in their pockets when they ski because hot water is free and cocoa is $3, and they have to pay for it themselves.

    I have taken to drinking mostly hot water lately, and I feel much more hydrated, I have a mug of hot water several times a day.

  • Elaine

    You should go to Teavana in the Galleria (I think. I just send Jason.:)) I’m sure they can answer your questions and their tea is great!

  • Angelica

    I’ll need to try offering more tea around here! Also, what is it with two-year-olds and juice?! We rarely have it in the house because J will ask for it constantly, to the exclusion of all other food and drink. Drives me nuts.

  • KC

    My girls love tea, and it’s so much better than constant begging for hot cocoa when they want something warm. I recently placed an order from Upton Tea Imports, and their Strawberry Cream Fruit Tea and Peach Melba Fruit Tea are wonderful–my children love them with no sweetener at all (and so do I!). It’s loose leaf, so they can’t make it themselves, and it might be pricier than other options, but it’s been a great addition to our winter afternoons!

  • Erin G

    Our 4.5 year old and 2.5 year boys have tea almost every day after their naps! And 2.5 yo has a “tea party” with his speech therapist every T/Th morning. We just do whatever non-caffienated herbal tea I have in the pantry (which we call “kid tea” vs. English breakfast, caffienated “adult tea”). Usually its Raspberry Zinger which seems to be a favorite around here. I love that they have started their own little ritual of having tea together in the afternoons— its so peaceful and lovely! I whimsically told them one day “you’ll go a long way in life if you have tea every afternoon,” and I think they’ve taken it to heart!