Half-and-half Dinner

When you are a firstborn one-year-old, your mom feeds you square meals at home and remembers a sippy cup of organic whole milk when you leave the house.

When you are a fifthborn one-year-old, your mom drags you to an evening event after neglecting to feed you dinner, and forgets your sippy cup, and so your dinner consists of 16 little half-and-half containers sitting at room temperature by the vats of coffee. Poured into your mouth one by one while you hang loose in the Ergo, enjoying a lecture on Catholicism and the Natural Sciences.

I tell you, these later-born kids are survivors!

And half-and-half containers, also known as “free sample” drinks at restaurants, really are a large family’s best friend.

  • Kat0427

    She doesn’t look any worse for the wear, JM! What a cutie!

  • Bethany

    She’ll be better off for it! Tough girl! Thanks for this momentary snapshot into your world–it is a glimpse to which we can all relate! TGIF!

  • knitlet

    You made me smile today — my baby right now is a fourth child. Who knows what standards I’d find to lower with the fifth if we’re blessed with one! In retrospect I feel that my first child’s babyhood must have been comparatively lonely. :)

  • Mrs Gregory

    We lunched this week with a sweet old lady in a nursing home. Which meant my 1 year old also drank containers of half and half.