Columbus Day Camping

Newly back in America after five years of living in Europe, we are getting into all things American. So we went camping.
This is the first time we have busted out camping gear that we were given as wedding gifts. Ten years, no camping, but here we went.While loading the car I left the crucial bag with headlamps, nighttime diaper and camera on the table. I attempted tin-foil pocket dinners that were horribly burned in the fire, and we kind of froze in the “girls’ tent” because I overestimated overnight lows. BUT, all in all it was a success. We took away some major lessons learned, but I think when things warm up again in Kansas (Ha) we will be back out there again.

Some keys to our success were:

1) camping alongside another family with whom we are friends and sharing meal, toy and beverage responsibilities.

2) bringing the Pack’N’Play for the toddler even though it required a whole extra tent

3) hats and wool socks for everyone

4) tons of s’mores supplies and a hacksaw which my husband used to cut up kindling as wood ran low


Some failures:

1) Darkness is no joke, everything gets way harder after sunset. I will never ever forget headlamps and kiddie glow sticks again. Ever.  Also, the site had electrical power and I saw other campers with Christmas lights hung across their site. This strikes me as a good idea.

2) A bin of extra blankets would have paid huge dividends around 2 or 3 AM

3) We only stayed one night, I think all the preparation required would have made two nights seem more worthwhile, but the sleep deprivation might have taken its toll if we did this

4) Burgers and hot dogs only for meals, those tin foil dinners were rough.


Any of your readers camp with young young children? What tips do you have to make our next venture a success?

As B-Mama would say TGIF!

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