For the weekend: Practical Wisdom from Pope Francis

I am so grateful for the practical advice and wisdom that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, shares with us.  In his general audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis began a new cycle of catechesis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit (wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of God), starting with wisdom.  His full message can be found here.  Below is an excerpt that I found spoke right into the heart of my daily life as a wife and mother:

“If we listen to the Holy Spirit, He teaches us this way of wisdom, He gives us wisdom which is to see with God’s eyes, to hear with God’s ears, to love with God’s heart, to judge things with God’s judgment. This is the wisdom that the Holy Spirit gives us, and we can all have it, we only need to ask the Holy Spirit for it.  Think of a mother at home with the children, that when one does something, the other thinks of something else, and the poor mother goes from one place to the other with the problems of the children. And when mothers are tired and shout at the children, is that wisdom? To shout at children – I ask you – is that wisdom? What do you say: is it wisdom or not? No! Instead, when the Mother picks up the child and reproves him gently and says to him: “This isn’t done because …”, and she explains it to him with much patience, is this the wisdom of God? Yes! It is what the Holy Spirit gives us in life!  Then in marriage, for instance, the two spouses – the husband and the wife – quarrel, and then they don’t look at each other, or if they do look at one another they do so with a cross face: is this the wisdom of God? No! Instead they say: “well, the storm has passed, let’s make peace,” and they begin again to go forward in peace: is this wisdom? [the people: Yes!] See, this is the gift of wisdom. May it come to the home, may it come with the children, may it come with all of us!”

How beautiful!  Wisdom from the Holy Spirit isn’t some unattainable, impractical fountain of knowledge.  Rather, it is of inestimable practical value for the minute moments of my everyday life.  I also love how the crowd seemed to be caught off guard by the Holy Father’s example and question.  I could imagine a rumble through the crowd (or was it my own heart?): ‘What, surely we don’t need to be worried about shouting at our children?  Everyone does that!  Surely, the Holy Spirit is concerned with much bigger issues of sin than that?’  Sometimes I can be deluded by the banality of my sin, as if it has less of a poisoning effect on my children or the world because it is common or because “everyone does it.”  No way!  This is where I must start seeking God’s wisdom, right at the heart of my day.

As Holy Week approaches, I am hungry for the wisdom of the Spirit!  Come, Holy Spirit, fill our hearts with your Wisdom.

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  • Mary Alice

    Wow, thank you for that. I was extremely touched by the image of the quarreling spouses. So often it is hard to reconcile, even over silly things, and you just have to put aside pride and turn back to the other person, and I do think that the grace of sacramental marriage and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit helps, because otherwise why would we ever?

  • Kathy

    Thank you for the post. My 13 yr old is about to be confirmed so we will be using each of the Holy Father’s lessons at dinner to help her prepare and us too for her reception of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Father’s practical examples help us to see how available the Holy Spirit is to us – rather than far away.

  • Thank you for sharing this Queen B! The Holy Father’s words about how wisdom comes in our home life are so insightful and so practical!

  • J

    I love this. Thank you — yes, practical reminders are helpful!!!!