What I Sometimes Wish that Someone Would Say to Me in the Third Trimester

Every time I have a newborn, someone inevitably tells me the following: “If all you do today is feed your baby and tend to your children’s basic needs, then you have done a great job!” I always smile and love this reminder that life can be very simple in the first few weeks of a baby’s life. It makes me feel like it’s okay if I don’t get to that project that is looming, or if my house is a bit untidy, or if I take a quick nap at 9 a.m. when I am absolutely exhausted.

Now, I just need someone to tell me this in my third trimester

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  • Kerry

    Totally! I remember getting up in the third tri, having breakfast, and then being like “ok…nap time!”. Exhausting! It’s hard growing a baby!

  • Lisa

    Kat – funny you posted – you’ve been on my mind this week. I’m glad to hear the pregnancy is going well. to have exhaustion be the key issue on your mind – what a blessing.

  • http://www.buildingcathedrals.com/ Kellie

    Your growing a baby! Relax, kick your feet up, and sleep :-) There, I told you.

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    I will definitely tell you that!! And you just moved! You are amazing and naps are a necessity!