Time is flying by…

My sweet baby turned the big "1" on February 23. *Gasp!*A few days ago I was sitting on the floor in her room watching her dart — yes, practically dart — from toy to toy, giggling, bobbing to music, waving at the dogs, and looking up to me for approval. I smile back always at times like this. She is so full of life and I love it! While in one sense it is so hard to believe that a whole year had passed — a hard, easy, fun, non-fun-one depending on the hour and how sleep deprived I was — but in … [Read more...]

Keeping Faith

Huge disclaimer: I haven’t read this book, which is apparently about how faith is lost or kept over generations, but I’m very curious about it.  Still, I have been thinking a lot of its summary via this book review in the New York Times  although I’ll admit that my thoughts are a little jumbled this afternoon (I know. I’m writing about a book review, not actually reading something! Sigh). The premise of the book hits a nerve with me, namely that many families intend to pass on faith and many may … [Read more...]

Flying soon?

With spring and summer family vacations being happily planned in many homes, I thought I’d take a turn at posting on “traveling with infants” with a focus on flying. I know we’ve had a few travel posts here at Building Cathedrals – ones that are full of great tips that I will be continuing to reference as we hopefully add to our fold! – but in Pia’s first year we’ve traveled frequently and found a few things that work specifically for infants. In general, the biggest thing is to not forget to pla … [Read more...]

More new mom questions…

Questions, questions. We are starting a huge family undertaking tomorrow, and amidst a long to-do list and much bustling over the past weeks, our little miss started a new phase that is causing some pause in our home...Ok, actually it is terrifying me, but we've already been to the pediatrician once, so I'm canvassing experience.;)Over Christmas break there were a few instances where she stopped breathing after getting startled or scared. We freaked out each time, because, let’s be real, … [Read more...]

Prayer for Sick Children

I don't know about your homes, but out here we are all in some unfortunate phase of a nasty virus, smack in the middle of such a fun Christmas season. Of course we are most worried for the little one, and so this morning I'm offering up a prayer I found in a little prayer book given at my baby shower...For the Health of a ChildHoly Mother, health of the sick and constant aide of those who pray to you, please speak with me to your divine Son. He showed himself loving and merciful in … [Read more...]

There’s Still Time…

I’m very embarrassed to say that my daughter saw our nativity for the first time yesterday. Also, our second purple candle on the Advent wreath had yet to be lit, and our first one is almost gone because I left it burning on accident one night the first week after saying our prayer around the Advent wreath (which, as an aside, we’ve done twice).  All of this does not bode well for our first Advent as parents, nor does it mesh with whatever rosy catholic dreams I had envisioned in ‘passing on the … [Read more...]

Waffles Anyone?

Happy Advent! We are happily embracing the second day of the season, but honestly are still “recuperating” from a house full of loved ones from last week (and a broken dishwasher and garbage disposal. Oy.)I don’t know about everyone else, but we cooked for crowd on Thanksgiving and still have plenty of left-over’s to “use up” or “repurpose”…not that this is a hardship, let’s be honest! I love using it all in creative ways, so when my husband heard from someone about stuffing waffles, we decid … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Preparations

I don't know about you, but with Red’s annual Advent/Christmas post fresh in my mind, I’ve very much been thinking through what I need to do before Advent starts for our little family (thanks Red, very, very helpful as always!). But before we get there, we have wonderful Thanksgiving to prepare for and in my home this will mean family, dear friends, and two little Goddaughters coming our way for the holiday. While not a special season set apart like Advent or a holy day like Christmas from a Cat … [Read more...]


Do you ever feel like God keeps giving you little nudges about growth he wants of you either personally or in your marriage (or both)? Um...yeah. That's where I am this morning, except for he is pushing, not nudging!My husband and I have been embarking on more robust nightly quiet times together for a particular prayer intention. What a great thing this has been for us! While I know God is leading us slowly to His will on that intention, some of the “ancillary” results of our prayer have bro … [Read more...]

Consignments: Worth their weight in gold!

Recently, a dear friend passed on an extra ticket to a local baby and children’s consignment sale slated for the end of last week. I had known about the sale for a few weeks and thought I would check it out, but honestly wasn’t sure of what to expect. This was certainly the case since for many of the items we have needed for our daughter since she's been born, I’d much rather have new simply because we want more children and I feel they’ll have a longer shelf life that way. Further, I think I hav … [Read more...]