Products We Love: Greek Yogurt and new dual-action Lysol cleaning wipes

Greek Yogurt, where have you been all my life? With the high energy/protein requirements of daily life these days, beginning the day with toast, cereal, or any of the usual quick breakfast options leaves me faint on the couch by 10am. Eggs are a little high maintenance and aren't all that appetizing 7 mornings a week, and before now, yogurt didn't quite have the protein to satisfy me. Enter nonfat Greek yogurt: one individual-sized pot has 14g of protein (the same amount of protein as two and a … [Read more...]

They’re On Their Way…

We just had a fabulous first day of Kindergarten and First Grade at our wonderful little classical Catholic academy. They're all smiles and ready for more. Thanks be to God for successful new steps!  … [Read more...]

AP Home Economics: The Dinner Party Challenge

We entertain for dinner pretty often, or at least we used to until my brains got sucked out of my head when #4 was born a few months ago. But I expect our hospitality days will return someday. I find that it's an ongoing challenge to plan a dinner party menu that gives me time to be with our guests but doesn't involve Campbell's condensed soup baking in a casserole dish. We had important dinner guests last night (prospective in-laws : )) and I realized that I have forgotten my groove. Or maybe I … [Read more...]

7 years and proof positive

My husband and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary with a 5-course French dinner in the city. (Thank you, Groupon!) During long dates, we get so carried away in conversation that I sometimes forget we have little ones back home.We agreed how hard it is to believe we've now known each other for 12 years and have been married for 7 years.Hard to believe, that is, until these four bounce into the room. I hope we have many, many more years of this! … [Read more...]

To Power-Down Periodically

 Periods of complete exhaustion are inevitable for a mother. Her nursing baby makes quality night sleep impossible; her exuberant toddler requires constant vigilance; her preschoolers need activities; her school-aged children can entertain and help themselves but challenge her mind with questions as they approach the age of reason. Just that is enough to make her head spin, because she wants to do it well, with love. All the while, her home has to be cleaned and maintained, food must be … [Read more...]

What is modesty for mothers?

Recently, we were at the pool with my VERY FIT friend Mrs. X and her five children. Mrs. X was in a fairly skimpy bikini. After 5 kids, she still has the figure for it.At the pool that day, instead of asking Mrs. X for a juice box himself, my 5-year-old son asked me to go ask her. Twice I told him it was his responsibility to ask her if he wanted a juice box. Finally, as I was becoming impatient, he told me, "Mom, please ask her for me. I'm embarrassed to, because Mrs. X doesn't look mod … [Read more...]

Sugarplum Sisters

How nice to dance alongside a sister! … [Read more...]

Natural Family Planning is a privation

 Kat drew my attention to this recent article from the New York Times.  As a young Protestant married couple, Sam Torode and Bethany Patchin embraced NFP, welcomed four children in six years, and authored the book, "Open Embrace: A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception". In 2006, they recanted their praise of NFP. In 2009, they divorced. Both now attend liberal Protestant churches.In 2002, in their book, they wrote: Procreation is “the umbrella under which the other aspects of marria … [Read more...]

20 minutes to cherish him

My husband is a scholar of British and European history, which necessitates regular and fairly-grueling trips abroad for conferences and research, with each trip lasting a minimum of one week. He rarely has internet access outside of his archives, so we're limited to expensive 20-25 minute Skype phone calls each day from my computer to his shoddy international mobile phone. Twenty minutes is not nearly enough to recount a full day's activities and impressions in two lives that are one. But it's … [Read more...]

In praise of mother’s helpers

And I don't mean the TV.Over the past year, and now with four children, we have seen our family expenses ballooning but are more in need now than ever of an extra set of hands. We don't have the income now to cover the amount of daytime help that I need for sane summer months... unless the help costs only $3-4/hour.So, at the Feast of the Ascension Mass a few weeks ago, I started recruiting 12 year olds in our parish. They're out of school for the summer, and idle;  too young to have jobs … [Read more...]