GK Chersterton on Santa Claus

“The Other Stocking” by G.K. ChestertonThis is taken from the facebook page of the American Chesterton Society, and was originally published in a paper in London in 1903.What has happened to me has been the very reverse of what appears to be the experience of most of my friends. Instead of dwindling to a point, Santa Claus has grown larger and larger in my life until he fills almost the whole of it. It happened in this way.As a child I was faced with a phenomenon requiring exp … [Read more...]

Light in the Darkness

I have been thinking a lot lately about keeping the presence of God this Advent and Christmas. Amidst all the busyness and the short dark days, how can I remember that we are preparing to celebrate the Light of Love which pierced the darkness so many years ago? How can I take consolation in that when I am worried or grieving, especially when others around me seem happier or more fulfilled?St. Josemaria Escriva taught his friends to greet Our Lord and Our Lady when they saw statues and … [Read more...]

Pray to End Hunger on December 10

We don't usually post on weekends, but I just read about the Pope's request that we pray to end world hunger. I thought I should help spread the word. Read more here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/billykangas/2013/11/pope-francis-is-setting-off-a-global-wave-of-prayer-to-end-hunger-on-december-10th.html … [Read more...]

Study the Gospel All Year Long!

Before I begin my post, a happy birthday shout out to my 91 year old Granny! At the beginning of the Year of Faith, someone sent me an email forward of a list which would send a daily email from the catechism. I signed up for the email list, and I have to say that I was really pleasantly surprised by the experience. As the list grew (over 100,000 subscribers), there were some issues with copyright and they wound up with an agreement with the publishers of YouCat, a catechism for … [Read more...]

Nothing Left to Give

The Cosby Show is a major source of support and inspiration in our household. In the pilot, the Cosby family had four children, but they landed a new, oldest child by the time the first season began, and of course we love that she was at Princeton. I like the Cosbys because they are New Yorkers, because they introduce interesting cultural figures, and most of all because they have realistic, sometimes difficult, family interactions, and the parents are my role models. They get angry in just … [Read more...]

A few quick thoughts

A few of my children are under the weather, and I am not feeling 100% awesome either, so I don't have much to say, but here are a few things that I am thinking about this morning:1) I love changing over our seasonal book basket. Out go the apple and pumpkin books and in come the Thanksgiving books, and it is so fun to see the kids grab their favorites and run for the couch. These books are old friends and many of them have lived with us in 4 different homes2) I am becoming best friends … [Read more...]

Call for your Halloween Pictures!

Okay Builders, I want to see what all your cuties were up to this year. There will be plenty of candy math tomorrow at my house!  Click through to see how young my children were, I can't believe it!!Here is my clan. The baby didn't want to dress in theme, so she is pictured below.And baby Josie was a lion. We wanted her to be Gimli but she knew she was cuter than that.QB, didn't mean to push you down, I am just not a Wordpress expert ... here are the AWOLs in Kansas … [Read more...]

Freeze This Moment!

My days are busy and I am not finding much time to stop and smell the roses.  I thought, in a funky and resentful mood last week, that this was because there were not enough roses in my life, but I have been praying for some inner calm and the fruit of that prayer is abundant.I tend to think that a positive family life means that we are all together, laughing, playing board games or reading scripture, playing touch football or serving at the soup kitchen.  I shy away from what B-Mama has c … [Read more...]

More on the “tensions” and, babyfood, and breakfast

I am running on fumes here, so forgive me if this makes very little sense :)First, on the tensions.  The big thing that I wonder about is whether we should be appalled or concerned that this is pretty much a conversation had by women.  Any caring father has these tensions, as well.  Among the builder husbands, some lean in to their careers more and miss out on some family time, while others have changed their careers in order to be around on weeknights for dinner and sports.  In both cases, i … [Read more...]

Two More Fall Recipes

It seems hard to menu plan because we are still having some 80 degree days, but as much as I love being cold and cozy I have found that these two recipes are allowing me to compromise with the season.  This chili is lighter than a usual beef version and uses lots of fresh farmer's market produce.  I even used fresh tomatoes instead of canned.  The apple crisp, made with apples we picked ourselves, can be served with ice cream and also makes a wonderful (if a bit sugary) breakfast tr … [Read more...]