Call for your Halloween Pictures!

Call for your Halloween Pictures! October 31, 2013
Okay Builders, I want to see what all your cuties were up to this year. There will be plenty of candy math tomorrow at my house!  Click through to see how young my children were, I can’t believe it!!
Trick or Treat 2013
Bethany’s Clan

Here is my clan. The baby didn’t want to dress in theme, so she is pictured below.

Gandolf, Galadriel, Sam and Frodo

And baby Josie was a lion. We wanted her to be Gimli but she knew she was cuter than that.

This pic. captures her personality perfectly.

QB, didn’t mean to push you down, I am just not a WordPress expert … here are the AWOLs in Kansas :

And here is Queen B with her crew.

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  • Mary Alice

    Oh goodness, I want to punch MGs little cheeks! Your kids look great!

  • I love how festive these photos are! MA, your mums are gorgeous. Love the pumpkins B-Mama and Queen B. I feel like a Halloween slacker with my decorations! Love seeing everyone’s kiddos!

  • MA, what is John?

  • Bethany

    Thanks MA! I can’t believe how big your oldest ones look!!! Great costumes all!

  • Bethany

    Pumpkins to me are like an art form… but take precious time. I spent the better part of that day and the day before working on them with the kids. They were the kids’ ideas, but mostly my cutting because they all hate the goop… T cut a little, but asked that I finish in order to make his dream “Boo!” a reality. What we, mamas, do, I tell you!

  • Bethany

    Love the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit theme, Kel! They look so authentic!

  • Kat0427

    Sadly, we got not a single picture this year, and we were all dressed up! Oh well, at least we have the memories 🙂

  • MaryAlice

    Pictures of Josie and MG are hereby banned from this blog. My NFP regimen cannot stand in the face of adorable baby girls. And that pumpkin, I don’t know her name, but I don’t need any of that, either.

    John is a vampire, which was a last minute solution for a costume that didn’t work. Old darth vadar cape + gel and makeup = vampire