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Catholic Publications November 3, 2013

Friends, Readers… I would be remiss if I did not link to this article ( on the common phenomenon of the strange comments and judgements to which we expose ourselves by having families open to life. But, I would also like to point out that this article was published in Crisis Magazine. I remember when my mom was trying to help finance this publication as it got off the ground. Now it is solely online, not available in hard copy format. I am a huge fan of First Things and Magnifikid, but are their other Catholic publications that you have delivered to your door, or I am I just a dinosaur and must I resolve to have some sort of electronic thing feed me articles from great Catholic blogs? I sort of like being exposed to the varied articles in a strong conservative (not necessarily Catholic, as First Things is not) publication that I would not have otherwise read. Talk to me.


Also, in honor of All Saints’ Day, I would like to hear a sentence on your favorite saint if you have a moment. Mine is Saint Thomas More because of his commitment in the face of public scorn and his scholarship. Favorite quote: “We cannot go to heaven in featherbeds.”

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  • J’

    Claremont Review may be something to look at.
    I too, love St. Thomas More, but have a special place for St. Therese!

  • AWOL_Mommy

    Huge Admission here — St. Therese intimidates the heck out of me. She is one of the few saints whose entire autobiography I have read, and I just didn’t have that ” I love the Little Flower” response. I think I am too unsettled or restless to have her level of composure.

  • Juris Mater

    This fecundaphobe article is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing it, AWOL.

    We’re a First Things household.

    As for saints, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Teresa of Avila top my list. Teresa of Avila is a good personality fit, because I too am a little intimidated by the Little Flower’s sweetness : ) We also have a big thing for the English martyrs, in particular St. Edmund Campion and St. Margaret Clitherow.

  • I read mostly online, but I do subscribe to Verily Magazine, which is a conservative fashion/ladies magazine. I like it and want to support what they are doing.

    Regarding saints, I really like St. Josemaria Escriva. Also a big fan of St. Katharine Drexel and St. Teresa of Calcutta.