10 Compliments for Every Complaint

A number of years ago I ran a mothers group at my parish.  It was the only one of its kind in the Diocese, and so the group drew from a large geographic area.  On the day of our February meeting, the weather was poor.  I checked the forecast and our area was expected to receive only rain.  About an hour north, the forecast called for some freezing rain and light snow.  In the morning I checked in with the parish office to verify last minute details and let them know that unless the weather chan … [Read more...]

The Beach and Back to the Grind.

The beach is the best!  Although if you don't plan things correctly, you may wind up just doing all of your typical mom duties in close proximity to the ocean.  A beach view for dishes is nice, but you are still doing dishes.  I had to laugh at this.We just returned from a great week at the Jersey Shore.  I pre-cooked meals, we ate off of paper plates, and we brought a babysitter along with us, so it was actually a real vacation.  We returned this weekend and started school yesterday -- w … [Read more...]

The Gift of Siblings

Mothering in our culture is a juggling act.  We balance tending to little ones, housework, big kid schedules, sports, academics, music, and Church obligations.  You name it, we juggle it.  And with a larger family, the juggling is both chaotic and expensive.  It only takes one brief trip to the grocery store corralling my 5 young children for a complete stranger to ask me how much I spend on groceries in a given week or how am I going to pay for college.  These well-meaning strangers are not tryi … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday — Summer 2007

Apparently, I allowed my 3 year old to wear a bikini.  It was a hand-me-down, but still.  In the other pre-digital photo from this summer day, my 18 month old son Charlie wasn't even wearing a bathing suit, just a cloth diaper (those days are long behind me!), so I guess a bikini is a step up from that. … [Read more...]

First Ever American Ninja Warrior?

Have you seen American Ninja Warrior?  While not quite as good as the original Japanese version, the show is highly entertaining.My son has quite literally been climbing the walls since he watched the show.  I think Charlie (age 7), might be the first ever American Ninja Warrior. … [Read more...]

Links Post

1.  So I thought this was really interesting --More or less every week, a stranger informs me that I’m a “hero” for taking care of my kids while their mother, my wife, is at work making the money that we require to continue living in the manner to which we are accustomed.Never in my life has anyone put the word “hero” anywhere near my name, and at first I was delighted that all these people were so impressed with me. Then I noticed that a lot of people also often referred to me baby … [Read more...]

J-Dawg in the House!

Big news here at Building Cathedrals!  We are adding not one, but two new Builders!  Today, I will introduce the first of those newbies -- J!  J is a new wife, a new mom, an excellent cook, a ballet dancer, a world traveler, and also one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful and calming people I know.  She will begin posting next week.  We can't wait!Did you go to Princeton with the builders?I did!  We have a few different graduation classes covered, but I was blessed enough to call t … [Read more...]

Summer is in full swing

It has been a while since I have posted and well, we have been very busy.  Mornings at the pool and theatre camp, evenings on the baseball field or soccer field, and afternoons full of reading and backyard play in our brand new backyard batting cage! (see below)I love the summer.  My extroverted side loves the hot weather and days at the town pool socializing with neighbors.  I love bare feet, the beach, frozen fancy drinks, and my vegetable garden.  I love morning runs in bright sunlight, an … [Read more...]

Quitting Time?

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend!  Many prayers and thanks to all those who have served our great country.  Like a good Jersey girl, I spent the weekend at the shore.  It was chilly, but very nice, and I had a bit of time to read.  I am reading "The 4-hour Workweek," by Timothy Ferriss.  While I don't share the same values as the author, I do think he gives some darn good advice on very practical changes busy people can make to capture more free time and use that time for the thin … [Read more...]

Images of Spring

The past few weeks have been very busy.  So busy, that we have had little time to spend simply enjoying the beauty in our own backyard.  And I almost missed this --And this---But this past week, we had time to enjoy it all, and plant some more.  Gianna used her birthday money to purchase some plants and seeds for her new garden, "a little piece of earth" as they call it in The Secret Garden.  Her garden isn't so secret, and sadly, her flowers are already taking some abuse from kickballs. … [Read more...]