Easy Morning Magic


MaryAlice mentioned in her Fall Morning Magic post that she sometimes used packets of oatmeal in the morning.Ditto here. I have also been guiltily buying them since August so that I would not have to get up  a few minutes earlier (also not a morning person) to make oatmeal and deal with the pot boiling over while I try to ensure that schoolbound kids are ready for school and others are ready for homeschool. They are so easy and the kids can dump contents in a bowl, add a little instant hot … [Read more...]

Dinner on the go

A picnic with everything including the kitchen sink.

 Having recently entered the world of kids sports teams, I am still figuring out how to make it all work. The Lord  generously blessed me with back to back practices at the same location for my 2 bigger boys. So we only have one practice night a week. But add in two early evening games, and my weekly dinner plans come crashing down. I know that Red feeds her kids dinner early, but my son takes a medicine that affects his appetite, so we are really tied to specific meal times. We … [Read more...]

Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa – Sept. 5


Far removed as we are from extreme poverty in our often sanitized portion of the world (though, of course, poverty in all its forms exists close at hand), my boys are truly moved by Mother Teresa and her care and love for the poorest of the poor, as am I. On September 5th we will read Mother Teresa by Demi and contemplate how each person is infinitely loved by God. We will color here and eat some traditional Indian food.When I worked at the US Embassy to the Holy See, I attended many Vatican … [Read more...]

Catholic Backtalk

After a particularly grumpy, uncheerful boy came downstairs from spending some time in his room by himself I made the mistake of asking my extrovert kindergartener the rhetorical question, "Did you enjoy spending so much time by yourself this morning?"To which he replied sassily, "Mommy, I wasn't by myself, My guardian angel and Jesus were with me." … [Read more...]

Dream Home

not a home we can afford....

After several housing situations fell through for our family this spring we have had to readjust our plans. What our family is looking for (a home on land for our boys to be boys outside) does not exist in the area in which we need to be. Which leaves us with the option of building a home, which is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. It is fun to look at all the great ideas out there and then come back to reality and see what we can actually afford. We want to create a home that is … [Read more...]

Joy at the end of the day

Many Christians find themselves joyless at the end of the day not because of any enormous problem, but becuase they haven't known how to sanctify the little difficulties that arose.From: Overcoming Lukewarmness by Francis Fernandez-Carvajal … [Read more...]

Summer in a bowl


I love to keep it simpler during summer. One of our favorite meals is just pasta with tons of fresh tomatoes and basil from our garden (picked by the boys) with fresh mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper. It is fresh and filling, but light and easy for when it is 1000 degrees in Texas. Throw in a few toasted pine nuts and your family will treat you like a rock star!I also like to bring this meal to new moms as a bit of a change from the typical casseroles/lasagnas! … [Read more...]

At Least He’s Listening!


A few months ago, my husband finished reading Tolkien's The Hobbit to our boys. They loved, loved, loved it! Highly recommended read aloud!Then, at a mass, we heard the Gospel of the Prodigal Son, upon whose return the father placed a ring on his finger. Our 4 year old became wide eyed and in the fake whisper that is louder than his normal voice gasped, "Did he disappear?"    … [Read more...]

Order in Chaos


Our boys love to collect and create. But my hyper organized self has a hard time accepting the mess that comes with such creative genius. What I want hidden from sight, my boys want to proudly display (to the piano teacher, neighbors, even the exterminator). My trash is their treasure (I know this is true because I often find them creating with things I have recently thrown away). Recently a priest told me that "the perfect is the enemy of the good." I had to think about this a bit because I spe … [Read more...]

When Life Gives You Lemons…


...just eat them!Thanks be to God for a super sanguine 4th child who always goes with the flow! … [Read more...]