How Do You Flu?


Most of the builders have been fighting the not very lovely flu that is sweeping the country. Kat pointed out that we may even be cyber-contagious! It has been over 4 years since we've had the flu and I found that I wasn't terribly prepared. Half a bottle of kids ibuprofen, boxed chicken stock, and some juice left over from soccer season were all I had to combat the virus. I had to send my mother in law to buy more kleenex, medicine, cough drops, and drinks and leave them on our porch so we … [Read more...]

Is There Room For Them Now?


Red in many ways foreshadowed the Holy Father's Christmas Eve homily. I often read the Christmas story with a tinge of room for Mary and Joseph! I think of the preparations we make to welcome a new baby and I am amazed at Mary's abandonment and trust! But I am tempted to think that question only applied two thousand years ago. But the Holy Father, in his ChristmasMidnight Mass homily, poses the same question to us here and now: What would happen if Mary and Joseph were to knock … [Read more...]

Filling the Littlest Stocking


While spiritual preparations for the birth of Christ are much more important, perhaps you, like me, are fielding questions of what gifts your children would like from relatives. After 4 kids, it takes a lot for me to get excited about a baby item. I cannot function well amidst clutter so I usually loathe to add any more stuff to our home. Yet, grandparents often insist on getting something for the little guys who would rather eat the wrapping paper. I try to abide by the rule, "Is is … [Read more...]

What’s Important?


We have a rule for our boys that they may not come out of their rooms after we kiss them goodnight unless it is for something important (subject to the arbitrary discretion of mom and dad), upon penalty of having to stay in their room 5 minutes longer in the morning. It is torturous for them to know that their brothers are eating breakfast 5 minutes before them, so it is quite an effective deterrent. It is so interesting to see what they deem important enough to be willing to risk morning … [Read more...]

How to Vote (quite literally)


It is one thing to become an informed voter and decide how you will cast your ballot. And it is important to talk to your kids about the importance of voting, but it is quite another to actually take 4 kids 7 and under to a polling location, wait in line while feeding a fussy baby, chasing a toddler, schooling a 2nd grader  and while, unbeknownst to you, your 5 year old is trying to see if your voter registration card will float in a puddle. This is precisely how they will learn just how much … [Read more...]

Taste and See

July 2008 092 (Small)

Like B-Mama, I am also on an elimination diet for our baby who cannot tolerate any milk protein. I love to cook and bake, so this is tough for me. I have made some vegan versions of recipes with varying degrees of success, but I know that my family prefers buttercream icing to be made with actual butter and cream (not coconut milk and palm oil shortening.) So I continue to make the good stuff for them. The problem is that I can't taste it. It is like flying blind. I can't tell is something is … [Read more...]

What Could Have Been….


B-Mama was wondering a little while ago what it would be like if she had to pump milk for her daughter with a small army of people running around her house. I can tell her exactly what it would have been like. When pumping, your small army of people may have decided that today is the birthday of Ribbit the Stuffed Frog. Then, they may have decided that they needed to celebrate said birthday. With friends. Lots of stuffed friends. Apparently friends may also include pillows and quilts. And … [Read more...]

Beautiful Sermon

So many of us are at a crossroads these few weeks. Schedules and routines are shifting, children and parents are adjusting. Things do not always go smoothly. This short sermon from Audio Sancto is a beautiful reminder of what the point of all this is: holiness, sanctity and, ultimately, heaven. While the title is "Why Homeschool", the content applies to any person, whatever their state in life. My favorite line: Peace in the home is not always possible, but peace in the heart is. I urge you … [Read more...]

Picture perfect?


  I had one of those blissful moments on Monday when all the pieces seemed to fall into place and I felt "successful". I had to have stitches from a recent surgery removed and my sitter was not available and my mother-in-law is out of town. So I took my baby, 4, 5, and 6 year old with me. I couldn't hold the baby when they took out the stitches, so my 5 year old sat on the floor and fed him a bottle while my 6 year old read geography questions to my 4 year old. I was so thrilled with … [Read more...]

Does this happen in homes with girls?


Double knife-wielding princess: … [Read more...]