Summer in a bowl

I love to keep it simpler during summer. One of our favorite meals is just pasta with tons of fresh tomatoes and basil from our garden (picked by the boys) with fresh mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper. It is fresh and filling, but light and easy for when it is 1000 degrees in Texas. Throw in a few toasted pine nuts and your family will treat you like a rock star!I also like to bring this meal to new moms as a bit of a change from the typical casseroles/lasagnas! … [Read more...]

At Least He’s Listening!

A few months ago, my husband finished reading Tolkien's The Hobbit to our boys. They loved, loved, loved it! Highly recommended read aloud!Then, at a mass, we heard the Gospel of the Prodigal Son, upon whose return the father placed a ring on his finger. Our 4 year old became wide eyed and in the fake whisper that is louder than his normal voice gasped, "Did he disappear?"    … [Read more...]

Order in Chaos

Our boys love to collect and create. But my hyper organized self has a hard time accepting the mess that comes with such creative genius. What I want hidden from sight, my boys want to proudly display (to the piano teacher, neighbors, even the exterminator). My trash is their treasure (I know this is true because I often find them creating with things I have recently thrown away). Recently a priest told me that "the perfect is the enemy of the good." I had to think about this a bit because I spe … [Read more...]

When Life Gives You Lemons…

...just eat them!Thanks be to God for a super sanguine 4th child who always goes with the flow! … [Read more...]

Late Bloomer

5 years ago we planted an artichoke plant. Last year, we came within 30 seconds of ripping it out and throwing it away. It had yet to produce fruit and was taking up  lots of highly valuable real estate in our garden...all show and no substance. As my husband went to rip it out he yelled, "We've finally got one!!"After that discovery last spring we had not just one, but dozens of homegrown, fresh, organic artichokes. So many that we were giving them away! But before the discovery that it is … [Read more...]

His Mother’s Son…

...disdainfully eschewing the milk bottle and reaching for some strong coffee during the AM hours. Welcome to the not-a-morning-person club my sweet little buddy! … [Read more...]

The Words We Speak

I have posted this Lenten hymn here before as it is one of my favorites for Lent. I especially like the third stanza: More sparing therefore let us make The words we speak, the food we take, Our sleep and mirth,--and closer barred Be ev'ry sense in closer guard. My diet is already so limited by my baby's needs that I can't really spare any additional calories by foregoing food this Lent. However, the same cannot be said for the words that leave my mouth. A few weeks ago I read a quotation … [Read more...]

Contemplating how to make the most of Lent?

Here is a post full of "101 Practical Fasting Ideas For Lent" at One Catholic Life.But please read the disclaimer at the top and prayerfully consider what your soul needs to grow this Lent!H/T: Renee … [Read more...]

How Do You Flu?

Most of the builders have been fighting the not very lovely flu that is sweeping the country. Kat pointed out that we may even be cyber-contagious! It has been over 4 years since we've had the flu and I found that I wasn't terribly prepared. Half a bottle of kids ibuprofen, boxed chicken stock, and some juice left over from soccer season were all I had to combat the virus. I had to send my mother in law to buy more kleenex, medicine, cough drops, and drinks and leave them on our porch so we … [Read more...]

Is There Room For Them Now?

Red in many ways foreshadowed the Holy Father's Christmas Eve homily. I often read the Christmas story with a tinge of room for Mary and Joseph! I think of the preparations we make to welcome a new baby and I am amazed at Mary's abandonment and trust! But I am tempted to think that question only applied two thousand years ago.But the Holy Father, in his ChristmasMidnight Mass homily, poses the same question to us here and now: What would happen if Mary and Joseph were to knock … [Read more...]