Recently, I have wanted to get perspectives and insights from a few of those individuals who have inspired and influenced my philosophy, approach and witchcraft, and who I believe have a considerable amount to contribute to the community. It is my firm determination that these voices should be made available for those who wish to learn more. One of those significant voices is Mat Auryn, whom I am glad to call colleague as a fellow author for Patheos Pagan… Read more

On Saturday, 2nd June, we made our merry way to the debut of what is hoped to be a long lasting occult conference in Powys, Wales. The Welsh Occult Conference is organised by author and alchemist Gary St. Michael Nottingham, who previously had been the force behind the tremendously successful Ludlow Esoteric Conference. It was glorious, then, to see his return in this debut conference in beautiful rural Wales. Despite the occasional setback, my understanding partner and I arrived in… Read more

I have a confession to make: Several years ago, and without any indication or prior warning, I found myself engulfed in the Angelic system of Dr John Dee, Elizabethan polymath, alchemist and mystic.   In the journey through paganism and witchcraft, I had become fairly confident in my area of study and practice. Furthermore, I was grounded in my path and was able to read and discover peripheral works and see how thy might relate or syncretise, or even describe… Read more

Working magic with angelic forces is an aspect of the Western Mystery Tradition which has pervaded most systems and traditions for centuries. From the late medieval magicians and astrologers, to the later nineteenth-century Hermeticists and occultists, the angelic forces have had held an inclusive position. Read more

There’s little point in denying it, May started out really well for me with a trip to London to meet chum Jason Mankey and attend his talk at The Atlantis Bookshop, followed by celebrating Beltane at an ancient farm with a burning wicker man. Whilst meeting with Jason, his lovely wife and Megan Manson (a veritable assembly of the London arm of the Patheos Pagan Illuminati), I was presented with The Lunar Gospel by Cal Garrison. It’s been such a busy… Read more

In working with witchcraft, paganism and the occult there is a spectrum of views regarding whether working should be performed inside the temple, or outdoors. The thinking in this area ranges from the polarising extremes, from those who insist that all work should be carried out inside, to those who counsel us to work solely out of doors. However, the factors of modern living must be taken into account in every instance, the demands on our lives and the immediacy… Read more

“I am Protennoia, the Thought that dwells in the Light. I am the movement that dwells in the All, she in whom All takes its stand, the first-born among all who came to be, she who exists before the All.” Trimorphic Protennoia Divine Providence is a concept, especially within Christianity, that denotes the presence of God within creation and the upholding of natural order. Whilst this concept is ascribed to God, there is a provenance that attests to Providence being… Read more

Butser Ancient Farm, Hampshire, UK Saturday 5th May – Beltane. As the heady temperatures of the UK continued into the Bank Holiday weekend, without the customary threat of rain on the horizon, and the hour crept later in the afternoon, there seemed little else for it but to heed the call of Beltane and an appointment with the Wicker Man. Butser Ancient Farm is an ‘open-air research laboratory’ into the past, an experimental archeological farm that is exploring the past… Read more

What does it mean to practice witchcraft? Rather, before that we should ask another question; what is witchcraft? What is it for. My mentor, who was a genuine and committed student of Alex Sanders, often quotes Sanders as saying that he “didn’t teach witchcraft, he taught  magic”, and therein lies a pertinent distinction often lost in today’s Wiccan milieu, popularised beyond recognition through the surge of social media (#witchesofinstagram). Within the teachings passed to me so far from my teacher… Read more

To Every thing there is a season, a time to every purpose under Heaven (Ecclesiastes 3 King James Version (KJV)) Modern Traditional Witchcraft uses a compass system, as opposed to the more familiar Kabbalistic Tree oriented systems which were so popular throughout the twentieth and early twenty-first century. For a better understanding, we must consider that the witch, like the metaphysical philosophers before her, makes use of the character and spirits of a particular aspect of the compass, identifying and working… Read more

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