The Art of Giving

This post is a slight departure from my norm but it is a cause I feel is worthy of promoting. Jen at has hooked up with Cross Catholic Outreach to create The Art of Giving. In brief this is an on-line art show to help empower kids to raise money for the poor while using their artistic talent!

This event is similar to a “walk-o-thon” but kids create art instead of walking, so Jen calls it an “art-o-thon”! Any child can create a work of art, take a picture of it (or scan it), and send the picture in an email to . The name and age of the child who created it should be included in the email or written clearly on the image.

Then, once the image is visible on the Art Slide Show the child may ask family and friends to donate on behalf of the their artwork. Those donating can write the name of the child, who has created their favorite art work, in the comment box when making the donation. They can donate by clicking on the donate botton on the Cross Catholic’s Art of Giving web page.

All proceeds will feed impoverished children and families in El Progreso, Honduras at the Prince of Peace Nutrition Center. In Honduras, one in every four children suffers from chronic malnutrition and are in desperate need of life’s basic needs.

This event runs till Dec. 31, 2013. After all the donations have been tallied up, the young artists will be able to see how much they have raised to help these hungry children!

Who can create the art?

All kids, from toddler to teen! This project is just a fun and easy way for parents, teachers, and youth group leaders to help teach kids the joy of helping others who are in great need. Kids can learn that giving is more important than receiving. They only need to create a work of art and ask grown-ups for support! Parents, teachers, and youth groups leaders, please use this opportunity to reinforce what you have already taught your children about how to love their neighbor.

This would make a great service project for high-schoolers, youth groups, or Little Flower’s Clubs, too!

How should the young artists ask for donations?

During the Holiday season, they can talk to family and friends about the event and ask them to donate. The kids can also create a letter that explains the event and request donations. They may like to copy it and send it out in the mail or by email . If you like, you may use the letter I made for my kids. Click here to view and/or print our letter. It might be a good idea to add a letter or note in your Christmas cards as you send them out!

Who can donate?

Anyone! Please, join in and help encourage these kids while saving the lives of starving children!

Simply, choose the child/art you like and make a donation to Cross Catholic Outreach. Be sure to add the artist’s name in the comment box when you donate, so the kids can see they are making a difference!

Where do the donations go?

All the donations go to Honduras, where one in every four children suffers from chronic malnutrition. But with help from Cross Catholic Outreach, one local parish is making a difference. The Prince of Peace Nutrition Program, a ministry of Las Mercedes Parish, provides meals for hungry children in poor Honduran communities, educates their caregivers on health, hygiene and nutrition, and ensures that the most severely malnourished children are able to see a doctor and get the medicine and vitamins they need.

Please help support this event in any way you can, through creative art or with a donation!

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