CBB Review: Brigid and the Butter

brigid_spotlightBrigid and the Butter: A Legend about St. Brigid of Ireland is retold by Pamela Love and is another story from Pauline Books and Media’s line of books about saints and legends.  These primary aged children’s books are some of my little ones’ favorite picture books.  This particular story is a wonderful companion to Patrick and the Fire or can, of course, stand alone.

The young Brigid hears Bishop Patrick preach and is inspired by his gospel story about Jesus and His feeding the thousands of hungry people with only five loaves and two fishes.  Brigid herself is always hungry.  How could she feed the hungry?  How could she give up her food just like the boy in the story?  One day she would get her chance!

Brigid and her mother worked hard each day on their master’s farm.  In addition to milking and tending the cows, Brigid laboriously made fresh butter twice a week.  Looking forward to having at least butter for dinner, Brigid was suddenly faced with a tough decision when there was a knock at her door.  Will she feed her own hungry belly or help another in need?

After the story, there is a short biography of Saint Brigid, as well as, a short prayer to her.  This little hardcover is a beautifully illustrated well-written 25-page book that tells a tale of giving and self-sacrifice of a little girl. Just as my own children did, your child will be delighted in the miracle that takes place after Brigid makes her generous decision to help others in need.

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