The addiction is real….will we do anything about it?


Society today is facing one of the worst epidemics it has faced in a long time. It can be referred to as a pandemic, an epidemic that has spread through human populations and continents. It knows no borders and its victims are not limited to any age, gender, race or culture. The problem I am talking about is porn addiction. Matt Fradd tackles this topic and overturns the various justifications society has made for porn use in his latest book The Porn Myth: Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography.

Porn has slowly and stealthily worked its way into our culture today. What was once considered risqué as early as the 1950s is now considered acceptable to show during sports commercials. We have been geared to accept soft porn, and once people find themselves in the clutches of pornography addiction they are exposed to cruder forms of “entertainment.”

The fact is that porn is harmful, and the use of pornography is unhealthy. Matt Fradd takes a deep look at the issue using the latest scientific research to debunk the myths associated with porn. He does so in a non-judgmental, non-religious yet direct and to the point manner that is hard to argue. Matt explains how there are neurological reasons that cause porn to be addictive. More importantly, he offers help and hope to those who find themselves struggling with the effects of porn.

There ae some key points made in the book that deserve mentioning. Porn is not a “male thing” as it is often portrayed. Women can become just as addicted as men. This was a fact I had not considered until Matt points out in a recent study that some 50% of female adolescents had used porn in the previous six months. Other studies showed that 25% women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four admitted to using pornography. As mentioned earlier, porn is exclusive to no gender.

Porn harms everyone that has any involvement in it. From the actresses, in the videos, we often hear the horror tales of how they were treated once they escape the industry. In addition, not only does pornography harm the user as mentioned previously but the adverse effects on those people around them is an issue as well. Often, the partners of porn users are shut out, as pornography takes its stranglehold on the user. Studies referenced by Matt show that users of porn experience an adverse effect on commitment in their relationships.

The facts are laid out throughout The Porn Myth, but there is hope and guidance that Matt Fradd provides as well. An entire chapter is spent on giving tips to protect our children from porn. This is the key to solving the whole problem. If we can somehow prevent our children from exposure to pornography, to begin with, we can stop the rampant addiction to porn in society today. There are tools available to do this, and this chapter alone is worth any parent’s time in reading this book.

The problem society has with pornography today is real. We can deny it; we can sugarcoat it, we can turn a blind eye to it all that we want. It’s not going away, and it will not go away until we do something about it. The first step is to educate ourselves. Taking the time to read The Porn Myth: Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Porn is the first step. The second is to seek help if you are struggling with porn. The third is to reach out to others and help them as well. Matt Fradd has provided an excellent and timely resource to help on all fronts with the data to prove the problems of porn, the studies showing its addictive nature, and the resources to help address the struggle.

We have two choices. We can admit there is a problem either in society as a whole or in our own lives if we find ourselves a user. Or we ignore the danger signs and the evidence and allow society to continue to trap people in this addiction and continue our downward spiral into the abyss. It’s a clear choice. Matt Fradd knows there is a clear choice and had written The Porn Myth to help. Take the first step. Get this book and help address the addiction.

I was a provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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