Trust in God’s justice; Angels: Day 332

angels_gregory_the_great_1God judged even the angels justly, says St. Gregory the Great, so we should havno doubt that he will judge us justly.

When we have doubts about the things that are done concerning us, we should look at others that we know well, and quiet that grumbling of the thought that came up because of our uncertainty.

Look then: scourges bring the elect back to life, but not even scourges keep the wicked from doing evil. So Almighty God’s judgments on us are very secret, and not unjust.

But if we stretch our mind’s eye up to the things above, we see by those that we have nothing we can justly complain about in what happens to us. For Almighty God, discerning the merits of angels, decreed that some would remain in eternal light without falling; but others, who had fallen by free will from their height, he laid low in the vengeance of eternal damnation.

So we see that God does nothing unjustly, since he justly judged even a nature more refined than ours. –St. Gregory the Great,  Moralia in Job, 15.61.7


I know that God will judge me as justly as he judged the angels; but am I doing everything I can to take advantage of the mercy of his forgiveness? For example, when was the last time I confessed?


Lord, you judged angels justly, but for mortals you decreed mercy as well as justice. Be mindful of me, Lord, your lowly, sinful, and untrustworthy servant, and in your mercy blot out my sins.

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