Off the Shelf 032 with Father Hugh Vincent Dyer

episode-032-fr-hugh-vincent-dyerFr. Hugh Vincent Dyer O.P. is a member of the Order of Preachers, Province of St. Joseph. Originally from Albany, New York, Father graduated St. Anselm College and the Dominican House of Studies and was ordained in 2008. He serves as chaplain to the Catholic students at Johns Hopkins University while also helping at the Dominican parish of SS. Philip & James where among other tasks he serves as facilitator of the Tea & Short Reads Book Group and Chaplain to the Knights of Columbus and is also active giving retreat talks in the greater D.C. Baltimore area. His areas of interest include the lives of the saints, Church History, Urban culture, aesthetics and Catholic Social Teaching.

On this episode Father Dyer and I get a little Indiana Jones on you. Vision of Fatima was not written by Father Dyer but rather re-discovered by him. Originally penned by Father Thomas McGlynn, the book tells of Father McGlynn’s work in carving the original statue of Our Lady of Fatima. His work brought him into personal contact with Sister Lucia, one of the 3 visionaries who saw Our Lady. Listen as Father Dyer retells the story of Father Thomas McGlynn, a statue that became the image we recognize as Our Lady, and Sister Lucia who was so exacting in the details she took the chisel from Father Thomas’ hands some days.

Head on over to Breadbox Media and listen to Episode 032 of Off the Shelf.

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