Off the Shelf 038 with Kathleen Glavich

episode-038-kathleen-glavichKathleen Glavich has taught every grade from first to twelfth. When her first article was published, the writing bug bit her and she is now a full-time author and editor. In response to that first article, a bishop in Nigeria sent her a letter in which he quoted Mother Teresa: “Write, for if your writing should make anyone more aware of God and their neighbour, then you must write.” Kathleen went on to have over seventy books published as well as more articles. She has also worked on several textbook series. Several of her books have won awards. In addition to writing, Kathleen gives courses, talks, and retreats.

On this episode we are going to speak about her book Praying on Empty: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Prayerful SelfDo you struggle in your prayer life? Find it difficult to concentrate and put forth the effort you feel prayer deserves? OR do you have difficulty carving out time to make prayer happen? Listen in as Sister Kathleen Glavich offers sage advice on how to make you prayer life a POWERFUL one.

Off the Shelf 038 with Kathleen Glavich exclusively on Breadbox Media.

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