Don’t doubt—just pray; Church Fathers: Day 077

hermas_spotlightHow can I pray to God when I’m such a miserable sinner? Don’t think like that, the visionary Hermas is told. If you get rid of your doubt and just pray, the Lord will answer your prayer.

Get rid of all your doubt, and don’t hesitate to ask of the Lord. Don’t say to yourself, “How can I ask of the Lord and receive from him, when I’ve sinned so much against him?”

Don’t think that way. With all your heart, turn to the Lord and ask of him without doubting. And then you will know the multitude of his tender mercies. You will know that he will never leave you, but will fulfill the request of your soul. For he is not like humans, who remember the evils done against them. He himself does not remember evils, and has compassion on his own creation.

So cleanse your heart of all the worthless things of this world, and from the arguments I mentioned, and ask of the Lord. You will receive all. None of the requests you make to the Lord without doubting will be denied. Hermas, Commandment 9


Do I let my sinfulness get in the way of my prayer?

Do I really trust God to answer every prayer?


Lord, hear my prayers. I know that you see into my heart, and I do not pray for myself alone, but for the benefit of all my brothers and sisters.

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