Be happy with enough, and you’ll get what you want; Church Fathers: Day 123

Be happy with enough, and you’ll get what you want; Church Fathers: Day 123 November 24, 2017

tatian-cathoilic-book-bloggerThe rich have many problems, says Tatian, and the poor have few. Be satisfied with a little, and you’ll find it much easier to get what you want.

I don’t want to be a king. I’m not anxious to be rich. I decline military command. I detest fornication. No insatiable greed makes me go to sea. I don’t strive for chaplets; I have no mad thirst for fame. I despise death; I’m above every kind of disease. Grief does not consume my soul. If I’m a slave, I endure slavery. If I’m free, I don’t boast of my good birth.

I see that there is one sun for everyone, and one death for everyone, whether they live in pleasure or penury. The rich man sows, and the poor man shares in the same sowing. The wealthiest die, and beggars have the same limits to their lives.

The rich lack many things, and are glorious only because of the high opinion of them. But the poor man, and anyone who has very moderate desires, looks for only what is suited to his lot—and so he gets what he wants more easily. Tatian, Address to the Greeks, 11


Do material things have a strong hold over me?

Do I always want more than I can reasonably use?


Lord, send me what is good for the salvation of my soul. Crown the year with your good­ness; open your hand, and fill every living thing with gladness.

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