Pride make you think you’re an angel; Angels: Day 157

It’s easy to get all puffed up with even the humblest  honor, says Sulpitius Severus. If the Church puts you in a position of responsibility, you may think you’re some sort of But you’re not. You’re just making a fool of yourself. But when I think about these things, it occurs to me how unhappy and weak we are. Who is there among us who isn’t elated with pride right away, or puffed up with vanity, if one miserable fellow… Read more

Act like a demon, become a demon; Angels: Day 156

People were often superstitious in St. John Chrysostom’s  day, and many of the uneducated were afraid of  ghosts. St. John says that it’s not dying a violent death that makes you an evil spirit: it’s acting like an evil spirit. Here, before I go on, I want to remove a wrong impression from your minds. For it is a fact that many of the less instructed think that the souls of those who die a violent death become wandering spirits. But… Read more

Satan does not control the Earth; Angels: Day 155

Satan told Christ that he controlled all the kingdoms of the Earth. But he lied, says St. Irenaeus. God controls all the governments of the world, not Satan. Since the authorities that exist “have been instituted by God” (Rom.13:1), the devil obviously lied when he said, “These have been delivered to me, and I give them to whom I will” (Luke 4:6). Kings are appointed by the law of the same Being who calls us all into existence, and those kings… Read more

CBB Interview with Robert Wicks

Popular Catholic author and speaker Robert J. Wicks has been helping people take greater stock of their lives for almost forty years.  He is professor emeritus at Loyola University Maryland, has taught in universities and professional schools of psychology, medicine, nursing, theology, education, and social work, and has a consulting practice. Wicks, a Queens, New York, native, received a master’s degree in clinical psychology in 1973 from St. John’s University and a doctorate in psychology from Philadelphia’s Hahnemann Medical College… Read more

Are Christians atheists?; Angels: Day 154

One of the most common charges against the first Christians was that they were atheists! Well, says St. Justin Martyr, we are atheists—if  you mean that we refuse to worship the demons who masquerade as gods in the pagan mythology. But we worship the only true God. Since ancient times evil demons, making apparitions of themselves, both defiled women and corrupted boys, and showed such fearful sights to men, that those who did not use their reason in judging of the… Read more

How to earn the angels’ help; Angels: Day 153

Magical incantations won’t earn you the help of the angels, says St. Augustine. What does earn us their help is trying to live a life as pure and good as theirs. If  we do that, we can live among the angels on earth, even though our eyes can’t see them. We must certainly not try, through the supposed mediation of demons, to make use of the good will or help of the gods, or rather of the good angels. In- stead, we… Read more

Only devils receive sacrifices; Angels: Day 152

Even if you think you’re worshiping angels, says St. Augustine, the only beings that receive your sacrifice are devils. The angels who love God could never accept the honor that belongs only to their Lord. Some people say they are offering sacrifices to the higher celestial pow- ers, which are not devils, and imagine that the only difference between themselves and us is the name: they call those powers gods, and we call them angels. But the only beings that really present… Read more

Make no sacrifices to angels; Angels: Day 151

The more a being loves God, says St. Augustine, the less that being wants any of the worship due to God alone. That’s  why, although angels are incomparably more powerful and pure than we are, we never worship them. As for the spiritual part of creation, it is either pious or impious: the pious being people and angels who are righteous, and who serve God in the right way; the impious being wicked people and angels, whom we also call devils…. Read more

Satan takes on all shapes; Angels: Day 150

In St. Augustine’s time, there were still many pagans who tried to find enlightenment in strange, sometimes  even hallucinogenic, rituals.  If  you see angels when you’re out of  your mind, says St. Augustine, remember that Satan can look like an angel, but he still wants to hurt you. As to those who perform these filthy cleansings by sacrilegious rites, and see in their initiated state (as Porphyry tells us further on, though we may question this vision) certain wonderfully lovely… Read more

Angels want us to be immortal and happy; Angels: Day 149

The angels want us to be as happy as they are, says St. Augustine. That’s  why they refuse to let us worship them, but direct all our worship to God, the source of their own happiness. The angels look on us miserable mortals compassionately and tenderly, and wish us to become immortal and happy—these blessed and immortal spirits, who inhabit celestial dwellings, and rejoice in the communications of their Cre- ator’s fullness, firm in his eternity, assured in his truth, holy… Read more

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