Let false hope perish; Angels: Day 136

Continuing his meditation on Job’s cursing the day he was born and the night he was  conceived, St. Gregory the Great sees the curse as a renunciation of everything Satan offers to us.This holy man ( Job) mourned, in his own sorrows, the condition of the whole human race. He saw nothing that was in any way particular to himself in his own particular suffering. It’s very appropriate for him to bring back to mind the original cause of sin, and to soften the pain inflicted on him by thinking abo … [Read more...]

Keep the creed all your life; Angels: Day 135

St. Cyril of  Jerusalem advises his students to memorize  the creed word for word, and to keep it fresh in their memories all their lives. If  you know your creed, he says, you know everything important about the Christian faith.But as a learner, and in your profession of faith, take and hold only that faith which the Church delivers to you, and which is established from all Scripture.Not everyone can read Scripture: some are uneducated, and others are too busy. Therefore we encompass all … [Read more...]

Judge the message, not the messenger; Angels: Day 134

St. Clement of Alexandria tells us that even the devil can speak the truth when it suits his purposes. It’s a hard thing to learn, but we have to judge the message by its content, not by the messenger.It’s true that the main purpose of the pruning hook is pruning. But we also use it to separate twigs that have got tangled, and to cut the thorns that have grown along with the vines when they’re not very easy to reach. All these things have to do with pruning.In the same way, we are made pr … [Read more...]

CBB Giveaway: Prayer in the Catholic Tradition and The Cajun Storm

This week we have an awesome TWO title giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a copy of Prayer in the Catholic Tradition: A Handbook of Practical Approaches by Robert J. Wicks,  sponsored by Franciscan Media (you can read Michele's review here) and one copy of The Cajun Storm: God's Servant First by Jay Toups, sponsored by Hope and Life Press  (you can read my review here). I use Rafflecopter to run my giveaways which makes it simple for you and me! The giveaway begins NOW and ends Friday 12/09 … [Read more...]

Helping a heretic escape false angels; Angels: Day 133

When asked for advice on dealing with a heretic who claimed to have revelations from angels, St. Augustine gave this sensible  advice. If the angel is leading away from Catholic truth, it’s a false angel. But don’t despise him: instead, let him know how much you love him and want him back in the Church.The Apostle Paul says somewhere that even Satan transforms himself into an angel of light, so it is not strange that his servants should disguise them- selves as ministers of righteousness (2 C … [Read more...]

CBB Review – The Cajun Storm: God’s Servant First

James (Jay) Toups brings to the forefront the struggles Louisiana faced in the days and months following what has become known as the Cajun Storm. Haven’t heard of it? Not surprising, as the media and government largely ignored the devastation wrought by this once in a thousand year flood that struck in August 2016. Jay writes about the tragedy and the triumph in his latest book The Cajun Storm: God's Servant First.As I worked my way through this book I was at first overwhelmed by the size o … [Read more...]