“By this symbol, conquer”; Angels: Day 227

Many historians have told the story of Constantine’s  conversion. Sozomen says that angels explained his vision of the Cross to him. The story may be apocryphal, but it illustrates perfectly how completely the early Christians trusted in the protection of the angels. We have been informed that Constantine was led to honor the Christian religion by the concurrence of several different events, particularly by the appearance of a sign from Heaven. When he first formed the resolution of entering into a war… Read more

A Catholic reading plan that will change your life

We are told in Scripture that entering through the gates of heaven is like a camel going through the eye of a needle.  One way to ensure that the eye of the needle is a little larger, or we are each a slightly smaller camel; is to consume the Word of God and consume books ABOUT the Word of God. Vicki Burbach has written a book that takes readers by the hand and shows them how to integrate a reading… Read more

Encounters with angels; Angels: 226

Two  ancient anecdotes of Egyptian monks tell of their encounters with angels. Whether  their visions were really angelic visits or merely dreams, the stories point out how real the heavenly hosts were to the early Christian monks. These devoted men simply expected that angels would be part of their daily lives. Piammon and John presided over two celebrated Egyptian monasteries near Diolcus. They were presbyters who discharged their priesthood very carefully and reverently. It is said that one day, when Piammon… Read more

Off the Shelf with guest Vicki Burbach

In case you missed this weekend’s show check out the link below to hear the archived podcast. Vicki Burbach and I discussed the AWESOME reading plan she has created which is the basis of her book How to Read Your Way to Heaven: A Spiritual Reading Program for the Worst of Sinners, the Greatest of Saints, and Everyone in Between. You can stream the episode below or download it here. Read more

Angels help the holy; Angels: Day 225

A legend of an especially holy Egyptian monk shows  us the strength of the early Christians’  faith in angels. It seemed only natural that an especially holy man would be given angelic aid in overcoming an obstacle  to his holiness. Since I have already mentioned the monasteries of Egypt, this may be a good place to give a short account of them. They were probably founded at a very early period, but they were greatly enlarged and expanded by a devout… Read more

Whoever is holy pushes us on to God; Angels: Day 224

Our happiness  will  never be found in another person or in an angel, says St. Augustine. Proud angels and proud people will be glad to have us put our hope in them, but the truly holy push us forward toward God. For if we find our happiness complete in one another, we stop short along the road, and place our hope of happiness in a person or an angel. Now the proud person and the proud angel arrogate this to themselves,… Read more

Remember the angels that surround you; Angels: Day 023

Angels are literally everywhere, says St. Hilary of  Poitiers—even within us. Whenever we’re tempted toward evil, we should remember that there are witnesses who will know what we do and be ashamed of us if we do wrong. Everything is filled with the angels of  God, even if  it seems empty. There’s nowhere they don’t live as they go around doing their service. People are often deterred from committing some sin they’ve been thinking of because they’re afraid someone might come… Read more

God acts in the angels; Angels: Day 222

Whether God acts directly or through the angels, says St. Augustine, it is God acting. An angel does God’s will; and even though we cannot see God directly, we can see God acting in any created being that does God’s will. The fathers of the New Testament saw your mysteries revealed, and they preached the secret things revealed to them. Nevertheless, they said that they themselves saw only through a glass, darkly, but that seeing face to face is reserved to… Read more

Weekly Giveaway: The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This week one lucky winner will receive a copy of  The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Every Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to God’s Invincible Gifts by Kevin Vost (you can read my review of the book here)  sponsored by Sophia Institute Press. I use Rafflecopter to run my giveaways which makes it simple for you and me. The contest begins now and ends next Wednesday 3/08 with a winner been chosen that day, enter below! a Rafflecopter giveaway Read more

The Lord always delivers; Angels: Day 221

The Lord sent an angel to rescue Peter from prison. Then why didn’t he send an angel to rescue him from being crucified? Not because the Lord failed to deliver him, says St. Augustine, but because the delivery was even more complete. Fear not: only do what he commands; and if the Lord does not deliver you bodily, he will deliver you spiritually. He delivered Peter, when the angel came to him in prison, and said, “Get up quickly” (Acts 12:7)—and suddenly his… Read more

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