CBB Review – The Biblezon Catholic Tablet


If you are a frequent reader of my work here at The Catholic Book Blogger you may have guessed that I am a bit of a tech guy. I like gadgets that make life easy. Now in saying that there are gadgets that are epic failures and more cumbersome than good. I was recently afforded the opportunity to try a new device out and I have to say this is a winner. The Biblezon tablet for Catholics was designed to bring your faith to a more accessible level all the while eliminating the … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day 148: St. Clement tells us to tell good jokes from bad


Learn to tell good jokes from bad It’s quite reasonable to joke about people when you know it will actually make them feel good, says St. Clement of Alexandria. But making fun of people is a dangerous sport, and one a Christian needs to avoid. Older people, looking on the young as children, may (though very rarely) be playful with them, joking with them to train them in good behavior. For exam­ple, if you’re with a bashful and silent young man, you might jokingly say, “This son of mine is alw … [Read more...]

The Laity Speaks – Joseph Pearce


Welcome back to “The Laity Speaks”, a recurring feature here at The Catholic Book Blogger. This feature is the companion to “The Clergy Speaks” and takes us to the other side of the pulpit to hear prominent lay people’s answer to the same question. That question is: What five books would you recommend as must-reads for Catholics today? I left the responses open to current or classic books with the only restriction being that the Bible and the Catechism could not be used as they are a given. T … [Read more...]

The Open Book Podcast Episode 001


The Open Book Podcast Episode 001 Podcast: Download (Duration 38:39 - 35 MB)Talking books with guest Katie Moore, publicist for Image Catholic Books.Books Discussed in this Episode:Titles I have reviewedThe American Catholic Almanac: A Daily Reader of Patriots, Saints, Rogues, and Ordinary People Who Changed the United States by Brian Burch and Emily StimpsonInterview with author Emily StimpsonMy Battle Against Hitler: Faith, Truth, and Defiance in the … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day 147: St. Clement tells us to always avoid insults

Always avoid insults Watch what you say to the people around you, says St. Clement of Alexandria. A Christian’s job is to spread goodwill, not to stir up ill feelings. We should keep away from mocking, the beginning of insults, from which fights and disagreements and grudges burst forth. A man is judged from his words, not just from his deeds. “Do not reprove your neighbor at a banquet of wine,” as the saying is. “Speak no word of reproach to him” (Sirach 31:31). We are told especially to a … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Scott Hahn

PETE: Of the numerous books you have written this is your first on Christmas. What drew you to writing Joy to the World?SCOTT HAHN: Christmas! I hardly need another reason. Christmas is the holiday that even secularists can’t give up. Yet it’s so much more than they know. It’s more than the sales, more than the TV specials, more than the family togetherness. It’s the turning point in history. It’s a crisis — a drama of epic proportions involving world rulers and their armies, astronomical spe … [Read more...]