Top Five Christmas Movies

Here’s my top five Christmas Movies:

1) A Christmas Story

2) Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Animated version)

3) The Nightmare Before Christmas

4) Die Hard

5) Mickey’s Christmas Carol

So what would you guys add or take away from my list?

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  • Rich Clark

    Are you kidding? Where the heck is a Charlie Brown Christmas?

  • Hm, for some reason my edited comment was marked as spam. Anyways, I agree with Rich that you missed some. Here’s my list.

    1. It’s a Wonderful Life

    2. A Charlie Brown Christmas

    3. Miracle on 34th Street

    4. A Christmas Carol (Muppet version)

    5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  • David Dunham

    Charlie Brown is great…I just couldn’t put it in my top Five. And I don’t really like “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I am kind of annoyed by it actually.

  • Alan Noble

    A Charlie Brown Christmas is so much better than all other Christmas movies that it is my 1-5.

  • I love It’s a Wonderful Life but have never considered it a Christmas movie. A Charlie Brown Christmas was never something I really appreciated as it’s visuals are trash for the eyes* (I only ever enjoyed Charlie Brown releases for the Vince Guaraldi music).

    Anyway, my Top 5 Xmas Movies:
    1. A Christmas Story
    2. Tokyo Godfathers
    3. Love Actually
    4. Nightmare before Christmas
    5. X-Files: “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”**

    *note: scenes like this were a huge aesthetic turn-off for me.

    **note: if you guys could put televised Christmas broadcasts in your lists (i.e., Charlie Brown and The Grinch), I thought that X-Files would be equally acceptable.

  • Alan Noble

    Charlie Brown does have a unique aesthetic to it that doesn’t please everyone’s tastes. For me, it is the surreal aspects of the design (and the fact that Linus reads a lengthy passage from the Bible in what is perhaps the most sincere monologue ever delivered on TV) that makes me love the show.

  • Yeah. I can appreciate it. I just don’t really like it.

  • Elf anyone?

  • David Dunham

    Elf is rather obnoxious, though funny at points.

  • Rich Clark

    Rather obnoxious? David, you’re going to have to explain a claim like that.

  • I haven’t actually seen Elf. Mostly because Will Ferrell can be rather obnoxious (with Zoolander being a notable exception for me). Is it actually worth the time?

  • Ho ho ho. I have a gun now.

  • David Dunham

    Well, Rich…all I mean is that while I concede that Elf is meant to be silly, it is soooo silly that it gets on my nerves. There are particular scenes that get on my nerves.

    It’s over the top at points in a way that is almost unbearable for me.

  • Could you name a scene or two?

  • Wait, time out… we’re saying discussing whether Elf is silly or not, but we’re just letting pass the stance that It’s a Wonderful Life is annoying?

    It’s a Wonderful life is unquestionably a Christmas movie, which they show every Christmas, and it has continued playing every year for a reason. How does it get beat out by X-files and Die Hard? If I were Rich, this is the point where I would be saying, “Am I just going crazy?”

  • X-Files beats it out because even though It’s a Wonderful Life is great (it hit 44 on my Top 100), I have never imagined it to be a Xmas movie. I’ve always been puzzled by the fact that it’s become associated with the holiday despite having nothing to do with the season or holiday. Granted, there’s a tree at the end, but that’s about it.

    So I think It’s a Wonderful Life should be disqualified. Die Hard is far more a Xmas movie than it. So is Trapped in Paradise, incidentally.

  • David Dunham

    It’s a Wonderful Life is nothing more than another humanistic salvation movie.

    Jimmy Stewart is great, but the film is boring as anything could be!

  • Rich Clark

    “nothing more” not so much, but it is a humanist film.

    But boring? David, you’re losing it.

  • Losin’ It doesn’t count as a Xmas movie either. Do Scientologists have holidays?

  • Actually, Ben, a more apt expression would be “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

  • David Dunham

    I think it’s “crazy” that this post has gotten the most responses of all the topics we’ve talked about on this site.

  • Rich Clark

    Welcome to the interwebs.

  • Boy, I’ll just keep popping the crazy pills, then. Arguing with you guys about quality movies is like being immersed in a Trekkies documentary. You guys can celebrate the season with Bruce Willis, but I’m going to stick with a wonderful life and Sesame Street, thanks. And David, after the 3:10 to Yuma fiasco, you have a long way to go before I trust your movie evaluations!

  • David Dunham

    Ben, That’s a poor example! I needed time to reflect! And, besides, I came around didn’t I!

  • David Dunham

    Observe all those exclamation points…